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The OHUG 2017 Call for Speakers is Open!

OHUG invites you to submit a session proposal for the OHUG 2017 Global Conference. We are interested in selecting speakers who share our commitment to providing attendees with strategic views, technical insights and best practices based on real-world experience.

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Call for Speakers Closes on Monday, November 7, 2016. 

Thank You to All of the OHUG Volunteers

OHUG appreciates all of the volunteers listed below (and all others throughout the year) that made the OHUG 2016 Global Conference a successful and rewarding experience.

The Product Line Committee reviewed over 400 submissions to determine the sessions to be presented at conference and the PLC leads played an integral role in making the final session selections and determining the conference schedule.

PLC Leads:

  Michael Dalessandro
  Karen Busko
  Rob Rogers
  Tracy Beach

 PLC Review Committee:

 Don Rinderknecht
 Lorri Davy
 Marisa Pilieci
 Amy Diamond
 Tushsar Kumar
 Tamara Mills
 Jodi Misyak
 Melanie Moore
 Ravi Patil
 Kiel Sanders
 Sara Roehm
 Sarah Pena
 Tristan Aquino
 Landry Baggett
 Hillary Brotman
 Lois Buonagurio
 Sarah Tobio

Thank you to all of the SIG leaders that hosted sessions for the SIG/RUG Day:

 Public Sector/Higher Education SIG

 Barbara Meredith

 Payroll SIG (EBS session) 

 Lalit Behera

 Payroll SIG (PeopleSoft session)

 Ajith Vijayan

 Basic Training for Learn Administrators Workshop

 Paul Ingallinera

 Mike Perkins

 Don Rinderknecht

 Enterprise RUG and Canadian RUG

 Darla Duquette

 Marisa Pilieci

 Alice Kim

 Jodi Misyak

 April Iwaszko

 Canadian SIG

 Carrie Hollack

 PeopleSoft Application Development SIG

 Jitu Raj Bora

 PeopleSoft ELM SIG

 Michael Spain

 Shelby Covey

 Time and Attendance SIG

 Janet Martin

 Retail, Service and Hospitality SIG

 Carrie Hollack

 PeopleSoft Compensation and Benefits SIG

 Jacqueline Averett

 EBS Compensation and Benefits SIG

 Anjula Mittal

 Jason Hall

 Taleo Learn User Experience Group 

 Paul Ingallinera

 Mike Perkins

 Don Rinderknecht

 Enterprise Onboarding SIG

 Tristan Aquino

 Oracle HCM Cloud SIG

 Tracy Quinn

 Russell Fields

 Taleo Enterprise High Volume SIG

 Michael Dalessandro

 Jordan Flowers

 Taleo Business Edition SIG

 Meghan Kidder

 Sara Roehm

 Enterprise Integrations SIG

 Jeffrey Druce

 Reporting & Analytics SIG

 Timothy Orange

Mark your calendars now for the OHUG 2017 Global Conference, Tuesday, June 6 to Friday, June 9 at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida.

We look forward to seeing you on the sunny side!