OHUG HCM Insider - December 2016 Edition


OHUG HCM Insider - December 2016 Edition


Navigate Your Path with OHUG in Orlando

Every company, and every HCM professional, has their own path. The OHUG 2017 Global Conference, June 6-9 in Orlando, has the experts, education and networking that you need to navigate your journey in the ever-changing world of HCM.

  • Access to Oracle experts to gain industry insights
  • User-led sessions on topics from Analytics to Learning Management to Talent Acquisition and more
  • The latest products and services in the Product Solutions Center
All of the resources you are looking for — and lots of Florida sunshine and fun at the Rosen Centre in Orlando! Make the right decision for your career and your organization today — all Oracle HCM paths lead to Orlando.

Register in December to save up to $600 and be entered to win a $300 Apple gift card!
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News from OHUG

Industry News


    News from OHUG

    Help Your Peers Make Informed Decisions

    Share your knowledge and experience with Oracle HCM or other Oracle solutions by writing a review on TrustRadius, a peer-to-peer review website with insights from real users. TrustRadius is the most trusted review site for business technology, serving both buyers and vendors. There are more than 59,000 in-depth software reviews and ratings from more than 92,000 community members. You can expand your expertise, while at the same time helping other users make better product decisions.

    Consider writing a review today.
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    Oracle Applications Cloud Release 11 Highlights

    Get to know the user experience highlights in Oracle Applications Cloud Release 11, which was built for today's workplace. It works seamlessly across convenient devices so that any user — no matter where they are doing their work — can easily and quickly accomplish tasks. To learn what's notable about Oracle's UX investment in this release, explore these posts from the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team about R11 on the Voice of User Experience blog, or VoX:
    We've shared these deep-dive webinars with you before, but they're still the best place to go for a more comprehensive summary of the UX by product family: our Oracle Applications Cloud Release 11 page. You must be a member of Applications Customer Connect to access the webinars.
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    Transforming Learning: OpenSesame Marketplace Now Integrated with Oracle Taleo Learn

    Date: Jan. 26
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Jim Poisson, Senior Manager of Product Management, Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud; Brittany McClain, Market Development Manager, OpenSesame; and Cynthia Hofer, Partner Manager, OpenSesame

    The demands of corporate learning have changed dramatically with higher expectations from millennial and on-the-go learners. In this session, learn how companies like yours have transformed their learning programs by leveraging technology and seen tangible results.

    Register now.
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    Award-Winning Design

    OAUX Senior Director George Hackman was in New York in early November on behalf of the OAUX team to accept an award from Fast Company. Asteroid Explorers, a tool developed for NASA's Minor Planet Center, received an honorable mention in the Social Good category in Fast Company's 2016 Innovation by Design Awards.

    Fast Company said in its announcement about the award: “This year's submissions were as strong as any we've ever seen, with more than 1,700 entries from 41 different countries. In the eyes of our esteemed judges, your work was among the best of the best.” This year's Innovation by Design winners are featured online. NASA also published a press release in September when the Asteroid Explorer added the Daily Minor Planet, a daily news bulletin in your email inbox with the latest on asteroids. And Raymond Xie, a member of the AppsLab, the OAUX emerging technologies team, who was involved with the project, also wrote about his experience in his post, Oracle Volunteers and the Daily Minor Planet.
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    Leading Through Disruption How HR Can Empower the Organization with HCM Cloud

    Date: April 20
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Lisa Laine, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation; and Mike Levin, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation

    Disruptive forces are simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. HR is the only functional with the purview and the ability to turn those disruptions into opportunity. While some HR organizations are leading broad-scale transformation to drive business impact, others are facilitating technology-driven change to create business impact. Regardless of the path, Oracle HCM Cloud is a technology enabler of change. This session will discuss the trends impacting HR and how HR organizations have taken advantage of those trends and leveraged Oracle HCM to drive business impact.

    Register now.
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    Industry News

    Oracle Keeps on Innovating
    Human Resource Executive Online (11/08/16) Kutik, Bill

    In a testament to Oracle's consistent innovation, the company estimates it has invested $1 billion in human capital management (HCM) research and development, writes Bill Kutik. Release 12 of Oracle HCM Cloud boasts hundreds of new options, the bulk of which were requested by customers. Among the new features is HR Help Desk, which supports full case management and a knowledge cloud for content searches. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Smart Hierarchy lets all users navigate to any other user within a context of working or disclosing relationships, with recommendations based on knowing who the user is to help reduce confusion. Kutik noted Oracle has deployed 116 country "localizations," which involve a hierarchy of functions addressed in four layers: foreign language translations, base localization frameworks for 100 countries, deep country specific localizations and deep payroll localizations. In addition, Oracle is continuing to build out its Work Life applications with advances such as the My Volunteering app. Kutik also noted Oracle remains a leader in extensibility, and the new release enables diverse custom extensions to be made to the core functionality and protected from upgrades. Oracle's improvements in the talent management space include enhanced calculations in performance management, which help simulate complex performance processes.
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    How Technology Is Reinventing the HR-IT Relationship
    HR Magazine (11/27/16) Feffer, Mark

    Cloud-based technologies are changing the relationship between information technology (IT) and human resources, with HR gaining a broader role and HR professionals leading the discussion and choice of the technology they use to perform their jobs. A recent Sierra-Cedar assessment found about half of all HR systems are now cloud-based, leading many HR departments to become "owners" of their technology while IT assumes a more consultative capacity. "The best path begins with HR describing its talent strategy and how technology can help," said Bain & Co.'s Dan Schwartz. "Companies that realize HR's [strategic] role start the process with a clear view of how technology can enable better decision-making and follow-through." Schwartz said in these cases, IT is tasked with translating technology into business solutions by identifying the systems that fulfill HR's needs. Cultivating a productive HR-IT relationship requires HR pros familiarizing themselves with IT people and their jobs "so as as not to infringe on their resources, but to maximize their effort," said Nasco's Kim Ziprik. Starting a dialogue with IT early in the collaborative process is critical, and HR should assert itself strongly if it sees a specific system helping the company meet its goals more effectively than a system the HR team prefers.
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    HR Analytics: An Effective Yet Underused Employee Retention and Recruiting Tool
    TechRepublic (11/18/16) Shacklett, Mary

    Human resource (HR) analytics are an important tool for gaining insights on employee recruitment and retention. A study by Bersin by Deloitte found although more than 50 percent of corporate survey respondents reported using HR analytics for company operational reporting, only 30 percent were using HR analytics for decision-making, 10 percent to align human capital talent with business objectives and 4 percent for future workforce planning. Bersin also found high-tech companies could learn why top engineers quit and how to build compensation and work environments to retain employees. Google is one company that has taken HR analytics to the next level. Silicon Valley HR expert John Sullivan noted the firm uses HR analytics to determine the eight traits of top leadership, design the most productive work environments for employees and anticipate which workers are most likely to depart. Sullivan said Google's HR analytics usage includes predicting future manpower needs, identifying the causes of weak diversity recruitment, forecasting which job candidates have the highest likelihood of success and assessing promotional opportunities for female engineers. Companies must be persuaded to move HR analytics out of back-office record-keeping, and one suggestion is to use the tool to look for the root causes of employee attrition and devise remedial strategies.
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    The Age of Disruption Is Forcing HR and Finance to Join at the Hip in Many Companies
    Anthill Magazine (11/15/16)

    Collaboration between human resources and the financial department is increasingly occurring due to disruptive companies, according to a recent forum in Australia hosted by Oracle. "As companies seek to grow, the two most likely obstacles they will face are a scarcity of funding and a shortage of human capital," said Ovum Chief Research Officer Tim Jennings. "To overcome these finance and talent bottlenecks, CEOs are increasingly coming to rely more heavily on both the [chief financial officer (CFO)] and the [chief HR officer]." Jennings said more and more companies are turning to digital platforms to span the gap between the two areas. "This allows both HR and financial decisions to be made based on the most accurate data available within the organization," he noted. The forum spotlighted collaboration opportunities for CFOs and HR directors, including reducing the company's cost-to-income ratio via workforce modeling and strategic workforce planning tools. Another area calling for collaboration is the breakdown of business silos, while both HR and finance should share success metrics and techniques for gauging the return-on-investment of new hires. Diversity cost and productivity measures also should be cross-departmental.
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    HR Must Do 'Design Thinking' Before Investing in Technology
    HR Dive (11/10/16) Bolden-Barrett, Valerie

    In an interview, human resources analyst Josh Bersin cited a lack of knowledge about HR technology management to boost productivity and engagement. He said HR must oversee HR technology and perform "design thinking." Design thinking demands that HR professionals study and monitor employees' activities and behavior to learn what makes them positive and more productive. Bersin noted the concept of digital transformation entails not only building applications, but also creating work experiences that are useful to employees. In particular, Bersin said design thinking, for HR, is frequently a step outside of its comfort zone, as reflected in the profession's slowness to adopt the digital economy. He also cited a clear need for HR departments to combine their systems with mobile technologies and social media platforms. Through such projects, companies have raised engagement while organizing a virtual community of employees. In addition, Bersin noted 84 percent of employers and employees said digital transformation is essential to staying competitive in HR.
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    New Technology Key to Employee Engagement, Employer Success
    Forbes (11/10/16) Massey, Carrie

    Despite the general view that technology is essential to employees seeking career opportunities and greater engagement, less than half of respondents to Oracle's 2016 Employee Engagement Survey said their companies use the latest technology to help them with their work, noted Oracle Vice President for Human Capital Management Strategy Gretchen Alarcon. She said based on these results, “there's an opportunity for companies to really think about what they could do differently.” Alarcon envisions human resources technology driving employee learning in the areas of onboarding, engagement and skills development and career development. In onboarding, Alarcon said technology can help an employee “go from being a brand-new employee to being someone who understands the company, understands our culture, and feels comfortable” within the first 30 to 90 days of employment. Meanwhile, technology-facilitated collaboration can foster engagement and skills development. In terms of career development, Alarcon said HR tech can give workers the information to help them be successful and move forward in the organization. She noted the more employees share about themselves with such technology, the more employers can suggest new roles for them. In the long term, Alarcon said HR can enhance employee retention by nurturing bonds between employees, colleagues and the company.
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