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PeopleSoft and GDPR: The Challenges You May Not See Coming

Thursday, April 5 12:00 pm CDT

Now that GDPR's compliance deadline has arrived, the clock is ticking for organizations who must work within this new data protection framework. Areas such as PII access audits and 72-hour breach notification standards will change the landscape dramatically for data protection and information security. 

Unfortunately, the PII residing in your PeopleSoft applications pose specific threats to your compliance efforts. With this in mind, there are critical facts that organizations utilizing PeopleSoft must know regarding GDPR's compliance:

  • Because PeopleSoft contains hundreds of pages where PII is processed, it does not have the means to track all of the instances where data is accessed, let alone tying it to who accessed it, when, and where. Thus, making audits extremely labor intensive.
  • PeopleSoft does not allow for masking rules that provide control over how personal data is processed.
  • Identifying a personal data breach and aligning it to the people impacted is a difficult and manual process, often requiring weeks of analysis. Putting the 72-hour breach notification requirement at risk.

Join us, as we discuss these challenges and address how GreyHeller's Application Security Platform can fill the gaps that can prove to be the difference between GDPR compliance and potentially millions in fines.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand GDPR framework as it pertains to ERP data
  • Understand unique challenges posed by organizations utilizing PeopleSoft
  • Solutions and recommendations for remediating audit and breach notification requirements (as outlined by GDPR)

Speaker: Greg Wendt, Executive Director, Security Solutions

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Reducing Time to Fill with Social and Mobile

Thursday, June 7 12:00 pm CDT

With unemployment rates low, competition is fierce. To effectively operate your business, you have to be able to find the best talent. Job seekers today are constantly on social media and always on the go. You want to locate quality candidates quickly and with cost-effective methods which is why you need to leverage digital media and mobile technology. 

Recruiters, HR leaders and managers need to share job opportunities on social media and find ways to make their job ads go viral. You need to find innovative ways to reach mobile job seekers and create easy ways for them to apply on their mobile devices. With just a couple touches on a smartphone screen, you might be able to locate and hire your next employee rock star! 

  • Innovative ways to locate top talent more quickly and at a lower cost per hire
  • How to reach passive and active job seekers who are digital and constantly on the go
  • What real-life case studies from large global businesses can teach you about social and mobile recruiting 

Speaker: Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer, Digi-Me

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