WEBINAR: AI-Powered Auto Testing: Unleash the Power of Your People

When:  Jul 17, 2024 from 11:00 to 12:00 (PT)

Oracle HCM efficiency is crucial for staying competitive.

As enterprises worldwide adopt AI in their HCM operations, not doing so will leave you at a disadvantage.

Join this webinar to discover how to harness the power of AI to transform your Oracle HCM system by streamlining testing processes, reducing manual efforts, and enhancing accuracy.

This webinar offers valuable insights and actionable takeaways for HR professionals, IT managers, and organizational decision-makers.

Learning objectives:
- Understand AI-Powered Automated Testing Fundamentals:
Grasp the basic concepts and advantages of AI-driven automated testing specifically tailored for Oracle HCM systems.
- Enhance Test Coverage and System Reliability:
Learn how AI can improve test coverage, identify defects earlier, and ensure higher overall system reliability in Oracle HCM environments.
- Implement Practical AI-Driven Automation Strategies:
Discover actionable strategies for integrating AI-powered test automation within your Oracle HCM processes to streamline operations and boost efficiency.
- Analyze Real-World Case Studies:
Examine real-world examples and case studies to see the tangible impact of AI-powered testing on the efficiency and productivity of Oracle HCM systems.
- Apply Best Practices for Optimal Results:
Gain insights into best practices for optimizing your test automation strategy to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your Oracle HCM system.

Presenter:  Dimpy Sharma, Vice President Product Solutions, Opkey


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