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PwC September 2016

Webinar Tomorrow: The Future of Data Integration

Moving Beyond Taleo Connect Client to Connect Anything with the Power of Cloud Integration

Date: Sept. 22
Time: noon CT
Presented by: Modulus Data
Speakers: Yan Courtois and Romain Guay, Laurent Gauthier, Founding Founders

Discover the next evolution of data integration that goes beyond batch files, allows for near real-time data at any volume, and provides for a more elegant user experience.

Revealed at the OHUG 2016 Global Conference to applause and accolades, this webinar is an encore presentation from one of the most exciting announcements at the June conference.

See a live demo and hear the story behind the next generation integration platform that has already been successfully deployed in 50 cases, including by several global Fortune 100 companies.

Learn more and register.
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News from OHUG

Industry News


    News from OHUG

    Register for the Annual New England Joint Oracle User Group Meeting

    Registration is now open for this year's New England Joint Oracle User Group meeting on Nov. 17 in Foxborough, Massachusetts, include expanding OHUG's presence and HCM offerings.

    The opening keynote , "Adapting to the New Digital Economy: How Leading Organizations Are Adjusting, Transforming and Embracing New Technologies in the Post-Internet age," will address some of the newest technologies impacting the industry, as well as our lives, delivered by dynamic industry expert Stephen Slade, Oracle Director of Analyst Relations for the Supply Chain Portfolio.

    Looking to present? The call for presentations closes Oct. 3. Consider sharing your expertise in a 50-minute educational breakout session, either in a formal presentation or a facilitated, interactive roundtable/open forum format. One complimentary registration will be awarded for each selected presentation. You can submit one or more abstracts via the online Abstract Submission Form.

    Questions or requests for additional information may also be directed to Event Coordinator Joanne Brennan by email or phone at 617.510.2578.
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    Social Media Is Key in Any Digital Recruitment Strategy

    Date: Oct. 4
    Time: noon CT
    Presented by: Digi-Mi
    Speaker: Lindsay Stanton

    According to Glassdoor, 80 percent of job seekers turn to social media for employer brand promotion. In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage social media in your digital recruitment strategy and how social recruiting is a key element in reducing cost per hire.

    Learn more and register.
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    HCM Data Management in the Cloud: Maintaining HCM Data Quality While Delivering Agility

    Date: Oct. 12
    Time: noon CT
    Presented by: Chain-Sys
    Speaker: Frank Malangone

    Successful cloud implementations require a clear understanding of how legacy data will be migrated and then synchronized to the enterprise. Defining this data management strategy becomes even more critical for HCM when you consider how many of your enterprise's applications require employee information. This strategy needs to allow integration with existing applications while maintaining the agility to incorporate new applications at cloud implementation speeds.

    During this webinar, we'll identify the needed characteristics of a successful cloud data management strategy. We'll also discuss and demonstrate Chain-Sys' no-programming approach to implementing successful cloud migrations and ongoing synchronization.

    Learn more and register.
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    Join GreyHeller for its Fall Webinar Series on UX, Security and Tips & Techniques

    University of Massachusetts Mobilizes and Modernizes PeopleSoft

    Date: Sept. 28
    Time: 1 p.m. CT
    Speakers: Wendy Mulcahy, Applications Manager, UMass; Office of the President
    Larry Grey, Co-Founder

    Register now.

    State of North Dakota Protects PeopleSoft from Cybercrime

    Date: Sept. 22
    Time: 1 p.m. CT
    Speakers: John Wohl, State of North Dakota;
    Greg Wendt, Executive Director, Security Solutions

    Register now.

    PeopleSoft Tips and Techniques: Advanced PeopleSoft People Tools Development Strategies

    Date: Oct. 5
    Time: 1 p.m. CT
    Speaker: Jim Marion, Senior Technology Evangelist

    Register now.
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    Launching the Daily Minor Planet

    As part of the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team's social innovation initiative, members of this team and other parts of Oracle have — through Oracle Volunteers — paired up for a second time with NASA'S Minor Planet Center for a project on finding asteroids. In early August, the MPC launched a daily bulletin for subscribers from Cambridge, Massachusetts, that helps both amateurs and professionals stay on top of the latest asteroid news. Watch the launch and stay tuned for more about this fascinating project.
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    Industry News

    How Oracle Is Helping to Modernize HR
    Human Resources Online (09/09/16) Fransen, Laura

    Human resources must modernize with the migration to a cloud-based environment picking up speed, and Oracle ASEAN's Yazad Dalal said his company is filling a key role to assist organizations with this transition. "The cloud democratizes technology," Dalal said. "It allows companies with vastly different budgets to make use of the exact same technology at a scale appropriate for them." Dalal said Oracle seeks to help organizations move to the cloud when they decide they want to. All of Oracle's solutions are built from the ground-up and based on a single platform, so it can offer clients the novel option of running hybrid environments with legacy and modern products operating side by side. "Because we are disrupting our own business by constantly adding new, and improving our own solutions, we will go to great lengths to help our customers modernize," Dalal noted. Oracle Hong Kong Managing Director Patrick Lo cited a need for HR practitioners to adopt a proactive, and not a reactive, mindset. "By focusing on predicting what talent will need, you can become a strategic weapon for the company," he said.
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    The Future of HR: 4 Big Changes on the Horizon
    Business News Daily (09/01/16) Taylor, Nicole Fallon

    Hiring experts discussed how human resources will evolve in the future, expecting HR processes to become automated and cloud-based. "We're seeing more of our clients utilizing cloud technology and social media to automate the onboarding process and engage employees very early, and often, as they come into the organization," said JetPay CEO Michael Pires. Experts also anticipate the user experience becoming a leading priority for HR. "The latest HR technology ... factors in design thinking to understand what users are trying to accomplish and why," said Lever's Leela Srinivasan. "It also recognizes that sometimes less is more, and it reduces clutter with a view to streamlining processes." A third expected trend is the continuation of personalized and candidate-focused recruiting, as Jazz founder Don Charlton cited the increasing strategic role of the interviewing process. "Technology makes it easy to stay in touch quickly, but you have to remember to personalize [the experience] to build relationships with candidates," noted Small Girls PR Director Kara Silverman. Finally, the experts agreed HR will transition into human capital management. Pires predicted "a meaningful shift toward leveraging various technology solutions, information and data to make better, more strategic decisions about talent, organizational readiness, succession planning and culture to help drive better business performance and results."
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    5 Big Themes in HR Tech
    Human Resource Executive Online (08/24/16) Boese, Steve

    Five important developments are transforming the human resources technology landscape, writes Steve Boese. He said the first key development is deriving sense from HR and people data in the face of the growing use of data and analytics in the practice of HR and talent management. "As analytics and data-driven capabilities become more accessible and available in HR technology solutions, it will be critical for HR leaders to stay up-to-date on these latest developments, to learn from early-adopter organization successes and to position themselves and their HR teams for what is coming next," he said. The second theme is the organizational challenge of engaging and retaining star-performing employees, and Boese noted in response, the HR tech marketplace is offering "an evolving set of solutions to help HR leaders and organizations with these important talent concerns." He also stressed the ongoing impact of marketing on HR and HR tech as a trend spurring the adoption of marketing precepts in HR and recruitment processes. Moreover, Boese said the organization's success of using modern HR tech will rely on a solid strategy, control of the deployment's scope and robust communication and change management. The fifth trend he observed was the growing emphasis on design, usability and user experience in HR tech.
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    Tech Tools Could Bridge Gap Between HR, Gig Workers
    SHRM Online (08/15/16) Feffer, Mark

    The prevalence of the gig economy is encouraging hiring managers to pull rank on human resources professionals and hire independent contractors, a trend that underscores the need "for an end-to-end HR process" that includes contingent workers and full-time employees, according to ADP Ventures General Manager Jens Audenaert. He said this cannot happen unless HR insinuates itself within the processes surrounding the acquisition and management of independent contractors. For smaller organizations this might entail educating HR managers on the value of HR monitoring how many hours a contractor has worked over the course of a year, or how HR can help streamline the onboarding process. HR professionals and organizations will require "a complete HCM ecosystem around 1099 workers," and onboarding can be less formal for smaller companies than for larger ones. For the latter, HR needs more of a voice in the procurement discussion, said Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel. Technology vendors will be eager to work with HR, given the problems they face with HR's lack of involvement with contractors, said Nucleus Research Principal Analyst Brent Skinner. He noted firms such as Oracle are "looking at how they can integrate their financial areas to accommodate this." Experts also agreed HR must lead the discourse on how contingent employees will be integrated with the company's full-time workforce.
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    Employers Missing the Mark with Data Analytics
    HR Dive (08/12/16) Starner, Tom

    U.S. employers are coming up short in noting the value of data analytics to talent management, according to a new XpertHR study. The report's authors said talent management cost/benefit is seldom quantified, leading to a huge lost opportunity for human resources leaders. Nevertheless, study author Linda Pophal's research indicates an upswing in talent management measurement efforts. She said many companies already have invested in or intend to invest in big data over the next two years. "While the focus of their data efforts tends to be primarily related to customer experience, organizations are targeting streamlining processes, marketing more effectively, reducing costs and enhancing security capabilities," Pophal noted. The XpertHR study also cited a Deloitte survey pointing to a growing need to concentrate on predictive analytics for workforce analysis. Deloitte found only 4 percent of respondents are investing in big data-indicated use of predictive analytics. The XpertHR report also offers HR leaders ideas on data usage, such as swiftly addressing data and insights for C-suite leaders and making sure return on investment is core and embedded into any dashboards or presentations.
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    5 Ways Technology Is Impacting HR for the Better
    Forbes (08/25/16)

    Five veteran human resources executives from the Forbes Human Resources Council discussed how technology has simplified their tasks and benefited their team. Rohit Paul with the Academy for Urban School Leadership said digital interviewing software is an excellent money- and time-saving tool, sparing his HR team from hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of labor. Meanwhile, digitization of paper records has greatly eased HR staff's tracking and retrieval of documents, noted Digital Trends' Sarah O'Neill. HireVue's Ben Martinez said social media apps such as live-streaming programs have been boosting the openness and connectivity of HR teams for years, while the Ad Exchange Group's Angela Nguyen cited technology's ability to streamline record-keeping and myriad other HR tasks so personnel can focus on more strategic corporate priorities. Finally, Techstars' Sabrina McGrail said supporting a global team and talent pool has become possible thanks to technology. "Techstars has staff in more than 10 countries and 30 distributed locations, and alignment to our values is stronger than it's ever been," she noted.
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