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Share Your Oracle Expertise at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference

The OHUG 2017 Global Conference call for speakers is now open! Don't miss the opportunity to be recognized in our industry as an HCM thought leader in front of hundreds of users.

Have you recently undergone an upgrade or discovered a new Oracle HCM product solution? OHUG is interested in selecting speakers who share our commitment to providing attendees with strategic views, technical insights and best practices based on real-world experience. By speaking at OHUG 2017, you will have unlimited opportunities to network with your like-minded peers, connect with leading Oracle experts, take away user-focused solutions and more.

Submit your innovative presentation by Monday, Nov. 7. Remember: All accepted presentations receive complimentary registration for one speaker. We look forward to seeing you June 6-9 in Orlando!
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News from OHUG

Industry News


    News from OHUG

    OHUG Announces the 2016-2017 Board of Directors

    This month, OHUG welcomed new members to our Board of Directors. The new directors are comprised of three customers from various industries as well as two vendors. Each will serve a three-year term.

    Joining the board as customer directors are Eric Cohen, director of HCM for Bimbo Bakeries USA; Carrie Hollack, director of HR technology for Nordstrom; and Jodi Misyak, director of staffing systems for Prudential. The two new vendor members include Tracy Beach, PMP, a managing principal consultant for KBACE and Sara Bragg, director of the Taleo Business Edition Division for Newbury Consulting Group. OHUG would also like to thank our outgoing board members, Doug Reed and Judy Hamilton, for their contributions to the organization.

    Learn more about the full OHUG Board of Directors on our website.
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    Upcoming Webinar: At Your Service! Deliver World-Class Service with PeopleSoft HR Help Desk

    Date: Nov. 17
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: Robbin Velayedam, Oracle

    Want to reduce costs and support a shared services model while providing world-class HR service delivery? In this session, you will learn how using PeopleSoft HelpDesk for Human Resources helps you do just that. You will be able to service employees and address a variety of HR cases and issues from payroll/benefits inquiries to employee relations issues through the tightly integrated PeopleSoft solution. You will see what new features you will have available to you in the near term, including a product demonstration of the new fluid employee self-service user experience for HR HelpDesk. This is a can't-miss session if your organization is already running HR HelpDesk, as you will learn what the future holds for the product. For those who are new to the product, this is a good session to learn the basics to see if it is a good fit for your organization.

    Register now.
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    10 Reasons to Attend the Annual New England Joint Oracle User Group Meeting

    Registration is open for this year's New England Joint Oracle User Group meeting on Nov. 17 in Foxborough, Massachusetts, include expanding OHUG's presence and HCM offerings.

    Here are 10 reasons to attend:

    1. You can register at early-bird pricing through Oct. 21.
    2. There's both on-premise and cloud HCM content.
    3. The Oracle keynote is on “Adapting to the New Digital Economy: How Leading Organizations Are Adjusting, Transforming and Embracing New Technologies in the Post-Internet Age."
    4. There's an Oracle HCM Cloud Roadmap Session.
    5. There will be an Oracle Cloud Solution Lab and demos by Oracle and business partners.
    6. It's a great place to share experiences with peers.
    7. Customer presentations are enlightening.
    8. You'll have access to expert Oracle and business partner presenters.
    9. There are complementary service and solution provider exhibitors.
    10. You're offered a free post-event tour of Gillette Stadium.

    Questions or requests for additional information may also be directed to Event Coordinator Joanne Brennan by email or phone at 617.510.2578.
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    Nominate Yourself or a Colleague for an HCM Cloud Rubies Award

    Oracle is hosting the HCM Cloud Rubies awards to recognize and celebrate innovative customers who use Oracle HCM Cloud solutions to drive business success. The program is peer-driven and provides the opportunity for Oracle HCM Cloud customers to nominate themselves, colleagues or fellow customers to receive an Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award. This is a global program open to any organization using an Oracle HCM Cloud solution. Community voting will determine the winners. Winners will be recognized at Oracle HCM World, April 11-13, 2017, in Boston. More information about the award categories and application is on the Oracle website.
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    Oracle Applications Cloud Release 11 Webinars

    Get a comprehensive summary of the new UX highlights of various product families in the Oracle Applications Cloud Release 11 user experience in these Customer Connect webinars. The webinars are also available from the Usable Apps For Partners page (look for Release 11 UX highlights). You must be a member of Applications Customer Connect to access these webinars.

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    What Analysts Are Saying

    Read this new e-book from Ventana Research, which says modern HCM applications must be simple and effective to have a good user experience. Take their messages and connect the dots for Oracle customers, showing them that Oracle HCM Cloud's user experience absolutely fits the bill.

    Show your customers why Nucleus Research expects the Oracle Sales Cloud user experience to be a key differentiator by increasing both user productivity and participation in this e-book.

    Both reports live on Oracle.com's Analyst Relations page, providing easy access to these two e-books and more.
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    What I've Learned from 3 Weeks with Pokémon GO, and How to Apply Augmented Reality to the Enterprise

    On the VoX blog, read Misha Vaughan's post on "What I've Learned from 3 Weeks with Pokémon GO, and How to Apply Augmented Reality to the Enterprise" for a viewpoint on how augmented reality might shape future user experiences.

    "I wish this was my employee onboarding experience. Some genius will hopefully crack open the SDK and build an onboarding app for their company or organization or campus … and when they do — bingo! It would create a hugely engaging experience as a new hire/arrival/student to use a gaming experience to explore and learn about a new campus/new location/new facility, layered within the Pokémon GO world."
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    How Smart Offices of the Future Can Make Companies More Intelligent

    Jeremy Ashley, OAUX group vice president, discusses the offices of the future and Oracle’s own user experience research in a recent article in TechRepublic.

    "At Oracle's smart office lab, they have sections that make up the main components of any employee's day, from arriving at work and hoteling their day to scheduling use of workspaces, to working in huddles, and working independently. And how, if you move from one space to another, having your work carry on as it did in the previous space."

    Read the whole article.
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    Industry News

    Bersin: Get Ready for More Disruptive Technology
    HRE Daily (10/04/16) Robinson, Jack

    Bersin by Deloitte Principal Josh Bersin told people attending the 2016 Human Resources Technology Conference and Exposition in Chicago to expect more technological disruption and change. He said the digital revolution has yielded relatively slight productivity gains, compared to other historical innovations. "All the research we do seems to show we are not adapting to technology very well," and is actually making work more difficult in some cases, Bersin noted. To make companies more productive and boost employee satisfaction requires a rethink of organizational operation, according to Bersin. He pointed out most modern organizations are from a practical standpoint interlinked networks of teams, and HR leaders must select digital tools that help employees connect with each other. "We have to bring this together into a seamless employee experience," Bersin said. The advances he foresees in the next 10 years include software that repurposes performance management, video-based learning, social recognition for employees, wellness and more expansive tools for work management that may no longer be truly HR applications. Bersin urged HR executives to more thoughtfully adopt new technology, and predicted future HR solutions increasingly will develop through a process called design thinking.
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    Employees Unimpressed With Career Development Tools
    CloudPro (10/05/16) Hopping, Clare

    Career development tools offered by most businesses are failing to impress employees and are dampening their hopes of long-term retention, according to new Oracle research. The study found only 22 percent of non-managerial staff believe they have the tools and technologies needed for career development, although 25 percent think learning and training is critical for employers to use to help staff advance in their careers. Meanwhile, 75 percent of managers think their organization delivers the tools and technologies to promote their development, and 60 percent believe learning and training forms the platform of their development plan. Also contributing to employee satisfaction is a sense of involvement in future company plans and having roles that go beyond the day-to-day tasks expected of workers. "Pay will always be a motivator for employees at every level, but today's workforce also places a great deal of emphasis on workplace culture," noted Oracle Human Capital Management Strategy Director Andy Campbell. "They want to feel they play a significant role in their company's success. Innovative thinking is happening at every step of the pay scale, but businesses risk losing out on valuable contributions if they don't give all their staff the opportunity to showcase their talents."
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    3 Lessons of the HR Tech Industry
    Human Resource Executive Online (09/27/16) Boese, Steve

    In this article Steve Boese cites three of the most important lessons about the human resources-technology market and how HR leaders can maximize their chances of success with their investments and programs. Boese said the value of an organization's HR solutions are likely halved if they are incapable of communicating with each other. He noted the advent of transparent, easier-to-use application marketplaces "explicitly designed to make supporting and complementary solutions work more seamlessly with the 'core' HR solutions such as payroll and applicant tracking, to name just two," over the last two years. The second lesson is to anticipate the next phase of analytics-related innovation to ease and accelerate the application and value generation of HR analytics, giving HR and business leaders historical trend data, predictive insights and support and advice on recommended actions. He noted Oracle and other major HR-technology providers "have taken significant steps to improve the availability, accessibility, applicability and relevance of their HR solutions." The third lesson Boese shared was the most successful HR-technology programs are frontline employee-centric in terms of making important decisions about new HR technologies. "The best, most innovative HR-technology solutions and programs are ... making users and their needs a top priority, and designing and deploying technologies with them in mind," he said.
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    Co-op Group Puts Oracle HCM Cloud at the Center of Its HR-Driven Business Transformation
    Computing (09/23/16) Gothard, Peter

    The Co-operative Group detailed its ongoing Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud implementation at Oracle's OpenWorld 2016 conference in San Francisco. Co-operative Group IT Director Simon Locke said his firm chose Oracle HCM Cloud because "[it] matched up functionally to the business. It was as good as anything from that perspective." Locke said a key reason for the cloud migration was the understanding that the company's highly customized E-Business Suite would ultimately need upgrading, which would be a challenging "mega project." Prior to the March deployment of HCM Cloud, the Co-op lacked performance management capabilities, and Locke said the HCM Cloud human resources module will play a large role in the firm's "Back to Being Co-op" business transformation. He noted the company selected a phased implementation given the "fragmented" state of its on-premise systems, which reflects a massively diverse business staff with a headcount of 70,000. Locke called the sheer variety of the Co-op's business a major challenge. "One of the lessons learned so far is around business change, and ensuring we work much more closely with the business areas to allow them to pull a product as opposed to us trying to push it out as a centralized IT or HR implementation," Locke said.
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    HR Data Analytics Is Exploding in Use and Sparking Change in Business
    SearchFinancialApplications (10/06/16) Ring, Dan

    More companies are using human resources data analytics to anticipate business performance, making it a key trend for change in human capital management, according to new Deloitte Consulting report. The study found HR analytics is helping companies predict fraud and spot compliance violations, identify employees at risk of leaving the organization and specify the drivers of unplanned absences among staff. This boom in the use of HR analytics is prompting human capital management vendors to obtain and develop the technology to satisfy demand. "HR departments realize that their future is dependent on their ability to harness people data and build predictive analytics models," Deloitte said. Other disruptive trends outlined in the report included an uptick in continuous performance management, real-time employee engagement and assessment, video and high-fidelity for learning and encompassing recruitment management platforms featuring analytics, applicant tracking and onboarding. The report was presented at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, where Deloitte's Erica Volini reported a shift in the analytics markets and HR's focus. She said technology's ability to analyze data and extract insights on its own opens up HR to focus exclusively on change management. Deloitte cited new HR analytics solutions from vendors such as Oracle that recommend training to workers based on their workplace roles and activities.
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    Australian Vitamin Brand Ups Its HR Potency With Cloud Rollout
    Forbes (09/20/16) Preston, Rob

    Blackmores, Australia's largest vitamin brand, is migrating to a cloud-based system from Oracle to handle all of its human resources processes. “As we were growing, I had an HR team that was very tactical,” said Blackmores HR Director Linda Redfearn. “I could see that everything was manual and nothing was tied together, so we were flying blind when it came to data visibility across countries.” Blackmores wants to more precisely cultivate its existing talent while hiring people aligned with its core values of passion for natural health, integrity, respect, leadership and social responsibility. “Particularly in Asia, we need to make sure we maintain an agile workforce, because that's really an area of growth for the business,” said Blackmores Human Resource Management Project Manager Nicole Mason. “And so a system like [Oracle's] lets us globally align talent and succession planning, whereas before there wasn't a structured approach.” The first phase of the project deployed the core HR, talent profiles, goal-setting, performance, talent review and succession, absence and salary-review modules of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. This helped boost the consistency and reliability of Blackmores' HR information, while phase two, currently in progress, involves implementing the recruiting/onboarding modules of Oracle Talent Management Cloud. The third phase will assess the suite's advanced analytics functionality and the potential adoption of its learning management features.
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