OHUG HCM Insider - January 2017 Edition


OHUG HCM Insider - January 2017 Edition

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Happy New Year from the OHUG Board of Directors

Last year was a historical one for OHUG, and we're even more thrilled with what the organization has to offer you in 2017. Maximize your benefits as an OHUG member by checking out the stellar education we have in store for you this year.

OHUG regularly provides members with in-depth training sessions from industry experts, along with the opportunity to share experiences and best-practices information with colleagues using the same applications at our annual OHUG Global Conference. If you haven't already registered for this year's Orlando event, learn more here.

Stay tuned to this e-newsletter for the latest association and industry updates every month, and have a great year with OHUG!

—OHUG Board of Directors
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News from OHUG

Industry News


    News from OHUG

    OHUG 2017 Keynote: Dr. Jen Welter

    HCM professionals face the challenges and constant change in our industry every day. It's always great to be reminded that anything is possible and that barriers are meant to be broken. Join us at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference for an inspirational keynote from Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in NFL history. Welter serves as a powerful role model and an inspiration to us all. She will draw from her gridiron experience to share valuable insights on the importance of authentic leadership, the power of diverse teams and her own experiences overcoming adversity to become a leader.

    Start the year off right by making plans to join hundreds of fellow Oracle HCM users in Orlando. Never been to an OHUG conference before? First-time attendees are automatically entered to win four tickets to the Orlando Sea Life Aquarium, Orlando Eye and Madame Tussauds. Register today!
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    Transforming Learning: OpenSesame Marketplace Now Integrated with Oracle Taleo Learn

    Date: Jan. 26
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Jim Poisson, Senior Manager of Product Management, Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud; Brittany McClain, Market Development Manager, OpenSesame; and Cynthia Hofer, Partner Manager, OpenSesame

    The demands of corporate learning have changed dramatically with higher expectations from millennial and on-the-go learners. In this session, learn how companies like yours have transformed their learning programs by leveraging technology and seen tangible results.

    Register now.
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    Leading Through Disruption How HR Can Empower the Organization with HCM Cloud

    Date: April 20
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Lisa Laine, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation; and Mike Levin, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation

    Disruptive forces are simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. HR is the only functional with the purview and the ability to turn those disruptions into opportunity. While some HR organizations are leading broad-scale transformation to drive business impact, others are facilitating technology-driven change to create business impact. Regardless of the path, Oracle HCM Cloud is a technology enabler of change. This session will discuss the trends impacting HR and how HR organizations have taken advantage of those trends and leveraged Oracle HCM to drive business impact.

    Register now.
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    From the Web Summit in Portugal

    CloudMovesTV caught up with Jeremy at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in November for an interview about how technology is influencing the user experience, and what Oracle is doing about it. For a more personal perspective on Web Summit, as well as a bit about the debate Jeremy took part in on whether the customer is always right, read OAUX team member Karen Scipi's post about her time at the Web Summit on the Oracle Usable Apps in the Cloud blog, Front and Center: The User Experience.
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    Forbes Article: Application User Experience Must Reflect the Corporate Culture

    For a post for Oracle Voice, Oracle's platform on Forbes.com, Jeremy discusses the continual visual evolution of Oracle's user experience and how Cloud applications are technical tools in our jobs. One role of user experience is to help these tools become part of our corporate culture, and astute observers will recognize that this has been a focus of the visual evolution strategic theme for the past year. Read more about it in "Application User Experience Must Reflect the Corporate Culture."
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    HR Tech Outlook

    In this article, Jeremy Ashley discusses how HR must work to meet the needs of an ever-widening employee base, and how technology can play a role, in “ Designing Tools for the Multi-Generation Workforce.”
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    Customer Conversations: Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Release 11 Highlight UX Benefits

    Oracle proudly rolled out the Applications Cloud Release 11 products this summer. At Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco in September, the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team heard from customers about how things were going. It was a chance to learn how the Release 11 investments in user experience were being received.

    Find out what customers had to say.
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    Industry News

    HR People — Don't Just 'Do' Digital, Be Digital in 2017
    Diginomica (01/05/17) Milne, Janine

    Human resources departments this year will need to adopt a far broader digitalization strategy than simply hiring a chief digital officer, according to Bersin by Deloitte Principal Josh Bersin. "What you have to do is infiltrate digital thinking everywhere and get people to do digital things in HR, digital things in products, digital things in services and in operations," Bersin said. He noted digital technology enables new business models and new working methodologies. "The coming year is all about enabling people to do their work better and segmenting the workforce into personas or groups and using design thinking to impact the employee experience in work, not just in HR," Bersin said. He cited a Deloitte report that found the core HR platform "is becoming an intelligent platform," and embracing an integrated, cloud-based approach to HR systems delivers much more accurate employee data for HR to leverage. In terms of data analytics, Bersin said, "very quickly people find out that if they do it well that it's much broader than HR and that the HR data is part of a broader initiative of just using analytics to solve business problems." Meanwhile, HR's interest in robotics and artificial intelligence is at an early stage. Bersin said HR should "start thinking about that and the transition from more transactional roles to more high-value roles."
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    HR Shared Services and AI: Taking the Robot Out of the Human
    Forbes (12/28/16) Campbell, Andy

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are generating enormous interest with regard to human resources applications, and their most impactful area is shared services, writes Andy Campbell, HCM strategy director at Oracle. "Much of the work done by the shared services function involves processing relatively straightforward transactions and handling simple requests," he noted. "Many of these activities could easily be resolved by employees if they had access to the right systems and information." Campbell said AI and robotics are filling this role, citing as an example chatbots that can answer simple employee questions that an HR team member would otherwise have to handle. Campbell also said the spread of AI in the workplace will entail expanding employee skills to include more technical proficiency, an opinion shared by CIMA Global Client Relations Chief Chris Hogan. "For their part, HR teams will need to manage shared services AI technologies and ensure the company is getting the most out of them, which requires a new set of skills," Hogan said. "Organizational models will need to adapt as more administrative tasks are taken on by smart software and automated processes. We may even see businesses rethink their decision to offshore shared services given that if they can rely on virtual assistants to handle more day-to-day processes there is less opportunity for cost arbitrage."
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    2017: The Year of HR Data Ninjas
    HRD Singapore (12/30/16) Dalal, Yazad

    Data will drive significant changes in human resources departments worldwide in the coming years, according to Yazad Dalal, Oracle's Head of Human Capital Management and Cloud Applications in the Asia Pacific. "We enter into 2017 with the knowledge that HR must be able to show credible data relating to factors such as productivity, engagement and performance," he said. Dalal cited three critical components in this transformation, beginning with data-driven recruitment and management. Staff profiles will be favored over job descriptions by HR departments, based on existing high-performers; promotion decisions will be dictated by data collated about actual employee performance. A second element Dalal emphasized is the use of cloud-based predictive analytics derived from talent and succession-planning data to anticipate and make intelligent next-role recommendations and connect workers with mentors to help prepare them for that specific role. "Analytics can answer questions you might have thought previously impossible," Dalal said. "Predictive analytics can not only lead to the source of the breakdown, but also provide forward-looking insights that illustrate how an issue or employee may evolve." The third HR trend Dalal foresees is chief human resources officers acknowledging the growing value of intuitive application user interfaces and consumer-friendly applications.
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    Using Tech to Improve PM Reviews
    Human Resource Executive Online (01/05/17) Patton, Carol

    The problems human resources professionals have with performance management (PM) reviews could be addressed with technology that ensures the process is streamlined, objective and current. According to a 2016 poll by Willis Towers Watson, 45 percent of employee respondents said performance reviews helped improve their performance, while 54 percent felt their performance was accurately assessed in their latest review. Moreover, only 44 percent saw a clear connection between their job performance and pay, another 54 percent said their company does a good job explaining the PM process and only 51 percent said people are held accountable for individual performance. HR consultant Asumi Ishibashi said technology can "tap into different feedback providers such as clients or customers. Gone are the days where employees are waiting until mid-year for feedback." Ishibashi also said technology can help monitor changing employee goals, capture a rich view from multiple sources and store historical data to offer a more integrated perspective of the employee. Looking forward, technology can align developmental opportunities with an employee's current skills. "[Some technology] would take individual performance and highlight both strengths and development areas," Ishibashi said. "It aggregates it and gets the workplace plan for your team or function and, ultimately, your enterprise view."
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    Oracle Cloud Makes Healthy Sale
    Enterprise Times (12/22/16) Brooks, Steve

    Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina will replace its existing legacy solution with Oracle Human Management Capital (HCM) Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud. "Oracle's expertise in the cloud was critical for us as we sought to modernize our financial and [human resources] systems and underlying workflow processes," said Chad A. Eckes, the medical center's chief financial officer. "Equipping our workforce with the best technology will enable us to focus more time on serving our patients and communities. We believe our investment in Oracle Cloud is the right strategic decision long term, as the architecture of the solution is designed to provide us with the most innovative technology and best practice business processes." The healthcare provider noted the technology includes a self-service solution for employees, leading to greater efficiency and removing some of the administrative burden from managers and HR professionals. Medical Center staff will be able to interact with the HR department when they want to via their use of mobile technology, while HR will have more time for hiring top talent. Oracle's cloud finance solution will provide access to analytics and contextual social collaboration, and also support a device-independent mobile experience.
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    HR Technology Trends for 2017
    ReadITQuik (12/14/16) Kulkarni, Rhucha

    Industry experts predicted a strengthening of the relationship between human resources and technology as a result of core disruptive trends in the near future, according to a recent Deloitte report. The general goal will be giving HR a voice in organizational strategy and direction. Among the predicted trends is a growing need for integrated tools through end-to-end technologically enabled platforms, and HR tech vendors such as Oracle are expected to meet this demand. Also expected is a revival of performance management institutionalization via cloud-based, team-oriented solutions that communicate with legacy HR solutions. Meanwhile, cloud-based HR platforms are expected to grow in popularity, and learning management systems will be rethought by the adoption of new learning methodologies such as video learning. Recruitment systems should migrate from applicant tracking to a more encompassing social process using new solutions to facilitate deep integration with sourcing tools, analytics and enterprise and workflow management. Mobile tools also are expected to reign as they become essential to improving the HR end-user experience. Finally, technology should spread to the employee wellness and employee assistance sector, providing a refined wellness experience for the user.
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