OHUG HCM Insider - March 2017 Edition

OHUG HCM Insider - March 2017 Edition

GreyHeller February 2017

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The OHUG Global Conference (June 6-9 in Orlando) features over 160 interactive education sessions on topics from talent management to analytics to payroll. Search by track, product line or speaker in the improved session search tool and chart your path to success in Orlando.

Share in the excitement with your colleagues. When four or more people register from your company, you will receive a $100 discount for each registrant. As a special bonus, any company that registers seven or more people in March will receive a complimentary registration to OHUG 2017.

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News from OHUG

Industry News

    Modulus Data February 2017

    News from OHUG

    Webinar Next Week on Human Resources Analytics and Big Data

    Brave New World: Wild, Wild West of Human Resources Analytics and Big Data
    Date: March 23
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Toni Bennett, Specialist Master, HR Transformation, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    A seemingly endless supply of data is generated each second. Many people feel like foreigners in a brave new world. Full of promise, they venture into the rough seas of data, numbers and more information than they could ever possibly seek. Sales, finance and operations analysis has been expanding over the past several decades; human resources (HR) analytics was behind until now. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud has provided HR professionals a clean, user-friendly approach to analytics. This session discusses how Deloitte assists its HR partners to move forward into the new world of big data and analytics, while remembering it is important to understand that there are people behind the numbers and for HR teams, people are always first.

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    Leading Through Disruption How HR Can Empower the Organization with HCM Cloud

    Date: April 20
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Lisa Laine, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation; and Mike Levin, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation

    Disruptive forces are simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. HR is the only functional with the purview and the ability to turn those disruptions into opportunity. While some HR organizations are leading broad-scale transformation to drive business impact, others are facilitating technology-driven change to create business impact. Regardless of the path, Oracle HCM Cloud is a technology enabler of change. This session will discuss the trends impacting HR and how HR organizations have taken advantage of those trends and leveraged Oracle HCM to drive business impact.

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    INNOVATE17 Regional Event Update: Keynote Announced, Registration Open

    Join OHUG at this fourth annual joint Oracle user group meeting on May 11 in Iselin, New Jersey. Serving members of the Oracle community from the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and Greater Philadelphia areas, INNOVATE17 is a collaborative initiative of OHUG with the Northeast PeopleSoft and NY-NJ JD Edwards User Group (NERUG), the Greater Philadelphia PeopleSoft and JD Edwards User Group (PHRUG), and the Oracle Applications Users Groups of New Jersey and New York City Metro (OAUGNJ and OAUGNYC), in partnership with Oracle and the complementary service and solution provider community.

    INNOVATE17 registration is now open for those interested in locking in an early-bird rate.


    "Managing the Digital Revolution: How Successful Organizations Are Leveraging New Technology to Adapt to Today's Digital Age" will cover some of the newest technologies impacting and changing the way we do business. Delivered by industry expert and dynamic presenter Stephen Slade, Oracle director of analyst relations for its supply chain portfolio, this presentation will also address Oracle's Applications Unlimited Program, along with Oracle's cloud and hybrid solutions.


    A limited block of discounted rooms has been secured. Take advantage of the special sleeping room rate of $199 plus tax for May 10, 2017, good through April 22, 2017, or while rooms remain in the block. Reservations may be made online here or by calling 800.468.3571 or 732.634.3600 and asking for the Oracle user group meeting rate.


    Contact Event Coordinator Joanne Brennan by email at JoanneBrennanTBF@aol.com or call 617.510.2578.
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    Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Webinar Replay

    In "HCM Cloud UX Extensibility: Making The Mojo," members of the Oracle Partner Network can learn how easy it is to make some UX mojo by extending the Oracle HCM Cloud. Longtime UX advocate Floyd Teter shares his wisdom and insights with the viewer. Starting with an overview of the strategy behind the HCM Cloud UX, viewers will then learn about extending that strategy to their own specific needs. From integrating a brand, logo and artwork to providing contextual information with infolets, learn to leverage the HCM Cloud UX to improve user adoption.

    Replay here.
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    Highlights from the Cloud Analyst Summit

    Oracle hosted its annual Cloud Analyst Summit for 35 industry analysts on Jan. 17 in New York. Analysts were invited to a breakfast reception where the OAUX team showcased Smart UX, one of the team's key FY17 initiatives. Noel Portugal and Fan Guo premiered two new hands-on Smart UX demos for analysts to interact with and provide their feedback. This was the first outbound communication from the OAUX team on Smart UX, and putting the strategy in front of analysts was extremely valuable in validating the direction. (For more on that strategy and how keywords "automate, advise and discover" fit in, read this post on the VoX blog.)
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    Industry News

    Turning Disruption on Its Head: The Next Step in HR's Evolution
    HRD Singapore (02/28/17) Hopkins, Iain

    The time is right to dismiss disruption as a negative force and leverage it as an opportunity to gain insights on how human resources supplies its services to business, according to Yazad Dalal, Director of Oracle's Human Capital Management Cloud Applications, Asia Pacific. "Disruption is anything that goes against the status quo in a positive way," Dalal said. "We must also keep in mind that often disruption is not seen as a positive until it's entrenched." Dalal noted the definition of HR as a standalone function is no longer viable, and both employer and employee must be included in discussions of HR. He suggested employers are, for the first time in 40 years, the ones truly being disrupted, because employees are far ahead of them in terms of their practices and their use of technology. Dalal also noted HR now has an expectation to use the data available to them to make more informed decisions. He expects the pillar in the next stage of HR's evolution will be data analytics, emphasizing employee well-being as just one area that stands to benefit. Dalal said Oracle's platforms are capable of integrating all types of disparate data from multiple sources, with employee experience being the primary design priority.
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    How AI Is Changing the Way Companies Are Organized
    Fast Company (02/28/17) Lindzon, Jared

    The early use of basic artificial intelligence (AI) software and the need to prepare for its maturity are spurring companies to restructure and transform their human resources departments, according to Deloitte's 2017 Human Capital Trends Report. "What AI is definitely doing is not eliminating jobs, it is eliminating tasks of jobs, and creating new jobs, and the new jobs that are being created are more human jobs," said Bersin by Deloitte Principal Josh Bersin. Despite the poll's finding that 41 percent of respondents have fully deployed or progressed in AI adoption in the workforce, only 15 percent of global executives felt ready to manage a workforce "with people, robots and AI working side by side." The Deloitte study found 56 percent of respondents are in the midst of an HR program redesign to leverage digital and mobile tools, while one third are implementing some type of AI technology to deliver HR functions. Another trend stemming from the incorporation of early AI tools is a migration away from a top-down hierarchical structure and toward collaborative and multidisciplinary teams. AI's growing sophistication is expected to push corporate leaders into deciding where to deploy human employees, which tasks should be done by machine alone, and which jobs are best suited for both humans and machines.
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    G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Uses Modern HR to Compete for Top Talent
    Forbes (02/14/17) O'Herron, Rick

    Completely transforming HR was the mission of G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Executive Vice President of Human Resources Christina Walker when she joined the company, which she said required shifting "the culture and the perception of HR from being transactional to being transformational." Catalyzing HR for change so it could give leaders strategic options and advice about new projects' impact on human capital in terms of business and process was the proposal Walker presented. This led to G&J Pepsi selecting the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud solution to drive HR transformation. Walker said since that agenda was set into motion, "I'm seeing increased efficiencies and a better attraction of candidates through the talent acquisition, onboarding system and social sourcing. In 2017, I think I'll be able to measure profitable [return on investment] for HR thanks to the ease and speed of executing through all of these changes." Walker noted the Oracle platform offers speed of updates and instant scale. She also lauded Oracle for keeping abreast of technology trends, which helps to sustain employee loyalty. In addition, Walker said the HCM Cloud system helps G&J Pepsi enter new markets by aligning the proficiencies of existing employees with new jobs, as well as determining training costs. The HR program also is helping the company develop new leaders through its mentoring functions.
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    3 Personality Traits the HR Workforce Needs
    Business Insider (India) (02/13/17)

    Human resources is assuming a more business-strategic role than ever before as part of a broader development in which organizations are approaching business with a more people-oriented strategy, according to Oracle's Melanie Hache-Barrois. However, she cautioned HR must advise managers correctly to avoid employee attrition. Hache-Barrois said three key personality traits must be emphasized for HR staffers, starting with the ability to lead as opposed to micromanaging. With less oversight, employees will feel more confident and trusted in their work, and the Oracle Simply Talent study agreed with this in its finding that employees desire more personalized management. In addition, Hache-Barrois said HR professionals must be more comfortable with big data and analytics, noting "if you don't have some confidence [in data] then you won't know what you're analyzing." She advised HR pros to become familiar with data collection and analysis solutions such as Oracle's, which are intuitive and user-friendly. The last quality Hache-Barrois said HR departments want in their workforce is expert knowledge. "You tell [the company] what they need instead of them instructing you," she said. "You need to work with the business to help them, but you should be coming up with the ideas."
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    HR Automation Is on the Way
    HRE Daily (02/27/17) McGraw, Mark

    Automation should have a significant impact on human resources functions in the coming years, according to a CareerBuilder survey of 719 HR managers and recruiters. The poll found most automation in HR is focused on messaging, benefits and compensation, "but there is room to increase efficiencies across a variety of basic functions." Fifty-seven percent of employers who have automated at least one component of talent acquisition and management said they are automating employee messaging, with 53 percent and 47 percent automating employee benefits and payroll, respectively. In addition, 47 percent said their organizations have automated background screening and drug testing. Meanwhile, 93 percent of those respondents cited time savings and higher efficiency as benefits of their automation efforts. Large percentages also said automation had improved the job candidate experience, with error reduction and saved money and resources among the benefits. CareerBuilder Chief Human Resources Officer Rosemary Haefner noted as companies grow and expand their workforces, "there's a certain tipping point where things can no longer be managed efficiently and accurately by hand." She stressed the need to incorporate automation "so the HR team is free to focus on strategies versus tasks, and focus on building relationships with employees and candidates."
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    HR and IT Combine Efforts on Workforce Analytics
    Computerworld (02/16/17) Rafter, Michelle V.

    Workforce analytics combine human resources data with information from other business operations to generate reports and projections as guidance for the C-suite. However, success hinges on HR professionals collaborating with information technology colleagues. The misperception that HR people are not proficient with numbers can cause IT to dismiss HR-derived data and dampen attempts to deploy workforce analytics. Meanwhile, a growing user base and the availability of affordable cloud-based HR platform components is driving the growth in sales of workforce analytics solutions. For example, Oracle offers workforce and predictive analytics modules that can plug into other cloud-based HR systems that can produce reports and projections. Bersin by Deloitte Principal Josh Bersin said sectors such as retail and insurance are further ahead in their HR data analytics embeddings, given their longtime reliance on statistics in other business departments. Meanwhile, CGB Enterprises' Mark Berry noted longstanding tension between HR and IT concerning analytics because the latter often prioritizes initiatives for revenue-generating departments. He said cloud-based workforce analytics platforms can clean and upload existing data to clients' platforms, as well as help clients create interfaces so programs converse with clients' other HR systems.
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