OHUG HCM Insider - April 2017 Edition


OHUG HCM Insider - April 2017 Edition

Scout April 2017

Bring Your Team to Orlando!

With over 160 education sessions, 60 partners in our Product Solutions Center and hundreds of Oracle HCM users to share challenges and solutions, you are going to want to bring the whole team to the OHUG 2017 Global Conference this June 6-9. Divide and conquer meet the experts sessions, product roadmaps and other opportunities to learn directly from Oracle experts who work on the HCM products that you use every day.

All managers and directors that register for OHUG 2017 from April 1-30 will be entered to win an enhanced stay in Orlando, including a Rosen Centre hotel room upgrade, special amenities and exclusive transfer services from the airport.

Only for readers of the HCM Insider! The early-bird registration discount has been extended until this Friday, April 21. Use code "HCMINSIDER" to get an additional $500 off registration.
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News from OHUG

Industry News

    GreyHeller April 2017

    News from OHUG

    Webinar Tomorrow: Leading Through Disruption – How HR Can Empower the Organization with HCM Cloud

    Date: April 20
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Lisa Laine, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation; and Mike Levin, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation

    Disruptive forces are simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. HR is the only functional with the purview and the ability to turn those disruptions into opportunity. While some HR organizations are leading broad-scale transformation to drive business impact, others are facilitating technology-driven change to create business impact. Regardless of the path, Oracle HCM Cloud is a technology enabler of change. This session will discuss the trends impacting HR and how HR organizations have taken advantage of those trends and leveraged Oracle HCM to drive business impact.

    Register now.
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    Next Week: PeopleSoft Guided Self Service – Empower Your Managers

    Date: April 27
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: Julie Alonso, Oracle

    This is an important sessions for customers planning on deploying Fluid Guided Self Service. The focus will be on the transactions we have already delivered, including how to configure the template for your managers to use.

    Register now.
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    Congratulations to the Final Race to Orlando Prize Winner

    The OHUG Race to Orlando ended yesterday with a winner of the final prize, a $150 Visa gift card! Congratulations to [FIRST NAME, LAST NAME] from [CITY, STATE] for winning the last prize, and also taking advantage of the $500 early-bird discount. Thank you to everyone who participated in the OHUG Race to Orlando. We look forward to seeing you at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference.
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    Upcoming May Webinars

    Understanding the Tools of Taleo Reporting
    Date: May 4
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Anna Noren, Business Intelligence Consultant, and Tim Orrange, Business Intelligence Consultant, ThinkTalent

    Join Tim and Anna as they walk through the various reporting tools available to you with the Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud. Between Oracle Business Intelligence, Embedded Reporting for Recruiting and Native Reporting for Performance, there's something for every reporting situation. They will highlight common customer requests and situations where each solution will shine.

    Learn more and register.

    10 Elements of a Modern HR Systems Strategy
    Date: May 11
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Stacey Harris, VP Research and Analytics, Sierra Cedar, and Erin Spencer, Research Consultant, Sierra Cedar

    Are you responsible for your organization's HR technology investments? Is it time to reassess your payroll strategy? Are you building a business case on mobile or cloud HR technology for your leadership team? This webinar will share practical insights on HR technology trends that are influencing HR system strategies for this year.

    Learn more and register.

    Why iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) Is Superior to Taleo Connect Client for Data Integration

    Date: May 25
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Yan Courtois, Modulus Founding Partner, and Roy Mizukami, Oracle Cloud Practice Lead at Modulus

    Working from actual integration case studies (including integrations for global enterprise clients of Taleo and Oracle HCM Cloud), HR integration experts and Oracle Gold Partner Modulus Data will walk you through eight reasons why their cloud-based integration platform, Modulus Connect, is proving the most flexible, easy to use and cost-effective integration solution for your HR systems.

    Learn more and register.
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    INNOVATE17 Educational Content Is Live

    INNOVATE17 educational content is now posted, and the Oracle user group collaborative has grown!

    The Mid-Atlantic Oracle Applications User Group (MAOAUG) is the newest partner in this collaborative initiative, joining OHUG, NERUG, PHRUG, OAUGNJ and OAUGNYC with the planning, promotion and delivery of INNOVATE17.

    To help make the case to attend, consider the following.
    • Oracle keynoter and dynamic presenter Stephen Slade will deliver an eye-opening, entertaining general session on “Managing the Digital Revolution: How Successful Organizations are Leveraging New Technology to Adapt to Today's Digital Age.”
    • Along with Oracle business partner coverage of this key topic, Stephen will also address transitioning to the cloud and hybrid solutions, as well as Oracle's ongoing Applications Unlimited Program.
    • The INNOVATE17 agenda, featuring 11 education tracks with five breakout sessions in each, includes Oracle HCM “hot topic” presentations and discussions
    • In the Exhibitor Showcase, discover what participating Oracle complementary service and solution providers can offer. To see the current list of exhibitors and sponsors, visit the INNOVATE17 event site and scroll down through the event details.
    Check out the INNOVATE17 agenda and educational content for the latest agenda overview and session details. To reserve your seat, visit INNOVATE17 registration.
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    Exclusive Event: Oracle Hosts User Feedback Sessions at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference

    Make a difference in the usability of Oracle HCM applications and sign up for one of the
    user feedback sessions at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference.

    Your suggestions on the previews of upcoming Oracle HCM product releases will help Oracle identify changes required to increase user satisfaction, give it insight into how real users actually interact with products and improve the overall interactive experience.

    Oracle's usability experts will guide you through practical learning sessions on the user experience of various Oracle HCM applications. All user feedback sessions will be conducted on June 7-8 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando.

    This event fills up quickly, and seats are limited. Advance registration is required. In order to reserve a spot for yourself and your colleagues, or to get additional information, please contact
    Jeannette Chadwick.

    Want to learn more about Oracle Applications User Experience team, visit
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    Forbes: Emerging Technologies Fill Oracle's Smart UX Toolbox

    As companies talk seriously about the workplace role of adaptive intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, it's time to talk about the fundamental shift in user experience (UX) these emerging technologies could also bring about.

    Read the article.
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    Transitioning into the Workplace of the Future

    Oracle is constantly testing new concepts and investing to make it easy for everyone to smoothly transition into the workplace of the future. GVP Jeremy Ashley discusses that and more in a recent CIO Review article, "
    User Experience at the core of Innovation."
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    Industry News

    How CHROs Can Handle Emerging AI and Build Company Trust
    HR Dive (03/22/17) Moody, Kathryn

    Chief human resources officers (CHROs) will play a pivotal role in engendering trust in emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology among their people. "The CHRO is accountable for all the people data, and a lot have been a bit comfortable delegating and taking a pass/fail approach," said Oracle Vice President of Human Capital Management Transformation Bertrand Dussert. "That will not fly as much going forward." Dussert noted the level of trust people place in advanced people analytics is essential to the technology's success, with this trust comprised of both the customer and the employee perspectives. Dussert also said employers' adoption of modern HR tech is very slow, with customer-experience technologies usually having a two- to three-year lead time before they are adapted internally. However, an organization's experience with customer-facing technologies will offer guidance into their internal use. Any internally-adopted solution must have the same type of user experience a company would offer customers, one marked by mobile accessibility and self-reliance capabilities. Dussert also stressed HR's need to ensure employee relationships with such programs are friction-free and connected online. He said AI adoption follows patterns that should assuage HR professionals, with tasks for accessing specific data points likely automated.
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    5 HR Digital and Data Trends
    Workology (03/31/17) Purdy, Megan

    Digital and data trends gaining momentum in the human resources space include a growing perception that HR data is becoming even more important to organizations than financial data in the long term, given a multitude of valuable insights such data can provide when properly extracted. Another trend concerns whether HR is truly prepared to drive organizations' digital transformation, with some experts expressing skepticism, given the challenge of reinventing every facet of current HR processes and technology platforms. Meanwhile, Mercer's 2017 Global Talent Trends Study found although companies plan to reorganize in the next few years, they do not feel ready or sufficiently agile, and business leaders lack the confidence in HR to help get them in shape. The question remains how HR can redesign jobs, prioritize skill-building, recognize high-potential talent, cultivate leaders for succession and attract top talent from outside. In addition, interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in HR, as evidenced by the popularity of an AI deep-learning class offered to Facebook engineers. Finally, a new Information Services Group report predicted "more than half of all enterprises will move all or some of their HR systems to the cloud" by 2020.
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    Report: HR Is 'Behind the Curve'
    HRE Daily (04/07/17) McIlvaine, Andrew

    Many human resources departments are laggards in terms of helping organizations contend with talent shortfalls, according to a new Hackett Group report. The study found HR does not have the ability to offer complete support to enterprise goals, including adapting talent-management strategies and processes to adjust to changing business needs, addressing talent shortages in critical areas, overseeing change more effectively and nurturing agile executives to lead in a turbulent business environment. Hackett's Scott Leuchter cited adapting talent management as the only area in which more than half of all HR departments are undertaking major efforts. The chief obstacle for HR organizations is limited resources, with a 1.4-percent decline in the number of full-time equivalent HR employees expected this year, compared to a 1.3-percent decline last year. "The consistent finding here is that most HR organizations are simply too busy fighting fires to get out in front on strategic issues," said Hackett Global HR Advisory Leader Harry Osle. He stressed the need for HR to rethink its mindset, noting "to build a true leadership position within the organization, it is essential that HR find ways to more effectively manage and prioritize its service portfolio, adopt proactive demand management techniques from IT and make headway on transformation and improvement in key talent areas."
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    HR Must Focus on Building Organizations for the Future
    Bloomberg BNA (03/17/17) Douglas, Genevieve

    Human resources practitioners stressed the need for enterprises to adjust workplace policies and technology to draw, retain and maximize the productivity of the modern workforce. Deloitte's Erica Volini said organizations have few other options, with Deloitte's yearly Global Human Capital Trends report determining just 11 percent of companies are ready for future workforce requirements. Meanwhile, 88 percent cited "designing the organization of the future" as important or extremely important. In addition, companies this year feel 31 percent "less ready" to restructure their organization around digital business models than they did last year. SkyeTeam CEO Morag Barrett predicted nearly half the workforce will be comprised of flexible workers within the next decade, requiring employers to change their attitude about where to find talent and how to manage a more tangential workforce. The starting point for HR should be the use of data analytic tools to tailor organization design in a way that gets work done, and Volini noted "there's no standard model." She said from a practical perspective, this process begins with examining how employees are organized and migrating from a traditional hierarchy toward teams or groups of workers to accomplish projects. Volini also said the biggest strategic adjustment for employers is applying the same principles of customer relationship management to workforce management.
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    HR and IT Should Work Together When Buying New HR Technology
    SHRM Online (03/29/17) Wright, Aliah D.

    Procuring new human resources technology has to be a collaborative effort between a company's HR and information technology (IT) departments, according to a panel of HR tech experts from the U.S. and Canada at last month's International Association for Human Resource Information Management conference. Bruce Power's Michelle Stewart noted IT managers thinking they are doing HR jobs has been a key challenge for her firm. She highlighted the need to "keep employees engaged and to help them understand we're giving them control — not giving them our work — so they don't wind up feeling frustrated." Panelists agreed starting out with a tactical roadmap defining what projects HR plans to follow, and ensuring they address an organization's problems, is a solid beginning. "The HR strategy has to be aligned with the overall IT strategy," said Kimberley Snage from the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Meanwhile, A.T. Kearney's Joe Almodovar said IT professionals often lack the working HR knowledge to configure HR applications. He also noted HR pros must participate in the selection of new software, but are rarely included in this process by the IT department.
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    How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Personalize and Optimize HR
    Profit (02/17) Vol. 22, No. 1, P. 14 Lazenby, Aaron

    In an interview, Oracle Senior Vice President of Product Development Reggie Bradford discussed how human resources can be personalized and optimized with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. "AI will help enable a dramatically smarter, faster and more responsive HR function," he said. "Ironically, machines will help human resources feel more human and personalized — from recruitment to employee engagement and education." As a complement to the human element, Bradford said AI can vastly accelerate onerous tasks. "I think AI will also be able to help evaluate and assimilate softer areas such as cultural fit; create more team chemistry and cohesion; and evaluate for tenacity, business acumen and critical thinking — all of which today are more-subjective criteria," he noted. Bradford stressed the need for HR leaders to differentiate between tasks ripe for automation and those that need human interaction. "Involving your IT team will be key," he said. Bradford also said the biggest obstacle to AI adoption is knowing how the technology will contribute to HR, and embracing test-and-learn models and addressing cultural anxieties about AI should be paramount.
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