OHUG HCM Insider - May 2017 Edition


OHUG HCM Insider - May 2017 Edition

GreyHeller April 2017

The Future of Oracle HCM is Almost Here!

In just a few weeks, hundreds of OHUG members will be gathering in Orlando for the OHUG 2017 Global Conference. So where is PeopleSoft, E-Business and Oracle HCM Cloud headed? Find out with:
And much more! Navigate your path to success in sunny Orlando. Discounted registration ends May 27, and discounted housing ends May 22
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News from OHUG

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    Scout April 2017

    News from OHUG

    Upcoming Webinar: Why iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) Is Superior to Taleo Connect Client for Data Integration

    Date: May 25
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Yan Courtois, Modulus Founding Partner, and Roy Mizukami, Oracle Cloud Practice Lead at Modulus

    Working from actual integration case studies (including integrations for global enterprise clients of Taleo and Oracle HCM Cloud), HR integration experts and Oracle Gold Partner Modulus Data will walk you through eight reasons why their cloud-based integration platform, Modulus Connect, is proving the most flexible, easy to use and cost-effective integration solution for your HR systems.

    Learn more and register.
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    June and July Webinar Roundup

    Trending Discussions in Employment Screening
    Date: June 22
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: Wallace Davis, Peopletrail

    Employers conducting employment background screening will need to keep compliance top of mind going into 2017. With focused regulatory oversight, a growing number of class-action lawsuits and the ever-present threat of data breaches, it's a good time to touch base on the trending topics impacting screening programs and practices.

    Learn more and register.

    Learning Plans A-Z: Best Practices & Use Cases
    Date: June 29
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: Lauren Correa, HDR University Administrator, HDR

    This session will cover best practices and use cases for learning plans from beginning to end.

    Learn more and register.

    Successful Strategies for Digital Learning
    Date: July 6
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: David Kottcamp, Director, HCM Cloud Product Management, Oracle

    Learning isn't just about compliance; it can be a continuous journey that further engages and develops your employees. Are you leveraging your employees and the intellectual properties they produce to disseminate information throughout the enterprise and further strengthen it? Attend this session where we'll discuss some best practices on enabling employee contributions to your learning system using videos, tutorials and communities in Oracle Learning Cloud in a way that is as simple as using Facebook or YouTube.

    Learn more and register.

    Improving the Candidate Experience to Bring Employer Brand to Life
    Date: July 13
    Time: noon CT
    Presenter: Sarah Hertzberg, Director of Customer Success, Punchkick

    Attracting and retaining the right talent for your organization is harder than ever, and the channels and tools candidates use to find your brand have become moving targets. Crafting a resonant employer brand is only one part of the equation — candidates have come to expect world-class digital user experiences that reflect the employer brand proposition at every stage of the application flow.

    Learn more and register.
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    Receive Starbucks Gift Card When You Complete the 20th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

    We are delighted to inform you that the Sierra-Cedar 2017–2018 HR Systems Survey, 20 th Annual Edition is now available at www.Sierra-Cedar.com/hrssv30 until July 1, 2017. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

    Based on feedback, the survey includes new topics on cyber security, systems integration, benefits and emerging experience platforms.

    Other survey topics covered this year:
    • Strategy, process and structure
    • Adoption of all HR technology applications
    • Deployment roadmaps, resourcing and budgeting
    • Implementation, maintenance and integration
    • Emerging and innovative technology
    • Outcome-driven HR
    As a thank-you for your participation in this 20th Annual Edition, you will receive the following:
    • A personalized data snapshot filtered by size, industry or region
    • An advance copy of the Sierra-Cedar 2017–2018 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 20 th Annual Edition in early October 2017
    The first 100 respondents will receive a $5 Starbucks card, and $100 Visa gift cards will be awarded to the 20th , 120th and 1,020th respondents.

    The survey results will debut at the HR Technology® Conference in Las Vegas the week of Oct. 10–13, 2017. To access last year's white paper, please visit the website.

    Take the survey!
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    HCM Talk Radio

    The OAUX team's director of the HCM UX, Aylin Uysal, appeared in a podcast this month, discussing what Oracle's customers and partners can expect to see as the big UX story in Oracle HCM Cloud's Release 12. Listen to “Increase User Participation in Oracle HCM Cloud Release 12” to learn more about the visual evolution of HCM Cloud.
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    Modulus Data May 2017

    Industry News

    How HR Technology Has Been Changing
    Human Resource Executive (04/24/17) Kutik, Bill

    Starting in 2012, human resources technology passed an inflection point, which leading industry experts described as a "generational shift in computing" via the convergence of the cloud, the employment of social applications in the enterprise and analytics and mobile. Most large organizations are still using on-premise systems and the security of cloud systems remains a persistent worrying issue for HR executives, but the cloud is now universally acknowledged as the next generation of computing. With the cloud shift has come the end of IT's ownership of HR technology, and the rise of HR and business units' control. Still, they must cede daily authority to the managers and employees using most of the software. This push has led to the maturation of the user experience, with HR software evolving into highly simple and intuitive tools. Performance management and learning apps have undergone a complete transformation in the last five years. The former has been dramatically enhanced by the phase-out of annual performance reviews in favor of regular and ongoing "check-ins" between managers and their direct reports through online dialogues. Meanwhile, learning has been revamped thanks to better video functionality available to all.
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    Oracle Says On-Premises HR Users Risk Being Left Behind
    Computerworld (04/13/17) Thibodeau, Patrick

    Oracle said switching from an on-premises human resources platform to a cloud-based platform is critical to its customers' futures, and the company pledged users of on-premises PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite HR system will not be left behind as cloud use expands. However, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said the firm's cloud-based Human Capital Management system will acquire many more new features and will overtake on-premises systems in terms of capability. Hurd expects a "majority" of Oracle customers will have moved to a cloud HR platform within five years. Chatbot capabilities will be among the new cloud-specific features, said Oracle's Bertrand Dussert. "It's one way to interact with a core HR system without having to go into anything — you're already in your phone, in chat," he said. The moves to the cloud are sometimes motivated by IT users, who have been to adopt on-premises HR releases and/or required a hardware refresh. Meanwhile, Emerson's James Rhodes said millennial employees' desire for interacting on any device with as little human involvement as possible has spurred cloud migrations. Unlike baby boomers, "the millennials expect everything to be electronic; they don't want to talk to people," Rhodes noted.
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    HR Is Accelerating Adoption of Cloud and SaaS Technology Models
    Consultancy.uk (04/24/17)

    As corporate human resources technologies age, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hybrid options for HR technology models are gaining momentum, representing 12 percent and 10 percent of systems at surveyed companies, respectively, according to a new ISG report. The report predicted by 2018, SaaS solutions will account for 27 percent of the market while the market share of licensed software on-premise will decline, and hybrid systems will likely comprise 18 percent of market share. Among the most popular HR technology features among enterprise clients ISG listed were data security and ease of use. Depth of functionality and price also were highly prized, while social features and a modern look/feel were lowest in terms of desirability. Among the most sought-after benefits by respondents of SaaS-based HR were reduced cost of ownership, less dependence on IT and a better employee experience. However, ISG cautioned companies should carefully plan the transition, and have an appropriately lengthy program horizon, to reap these benefits. Of least benefit for respondents were setting up a variable and predictable cost structure and improving integration of data and applications. In addition, IT respondents said SaaS reduces total cost of ownership, while operations-level respondents said it enhances employee engagement. HR respondents believed SaaS reduces total cost of ownership and dependence on IT.
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    Anthem Is Early Adopter of Next-Era Oracle Online Learning Software
    SearchFinancialApplications (04/18/17) Ring, Dan

    Anthem plans to implement the Oracle Learning Cloud in order to access more advanced reporting and analytics and to enable employees, especially subject matter experts (SMEs), to produce their own content. Anthem's Rochelle Wright said SMEs can use the Learning Cloud to generate and publish videos themselves without having to first work with the learning team under Anthem's current support model. "We need to have the ability to deliver video, multimedia rich content, to provide that YouTube-like experience," Wright said. The solution has reporting tools, dashboards and other instruments to maintain standards. Oracle said the online learning software lets employees produce and circulate video tutorials, delivers pathways or collections of content on a specific topic and permits managers to report and monitor the more prolific content and learning assignment contributors. Wright also noted the Learning Cloud will enable the organization to supply "just in time learning" by placing videos within its corporate portal, other talent-management modules in the suite or other employee-used apps. "It will be extremely powerful to drive learning and impact performance," she said. In addition, Wright noted the solution will play an important role in onboarding and executive development initiatives, while peer-to-peer learning will be spurred by a search function.
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    Enabling Digital HR in the Cloud
    CIO Journal (04/19/17) Cole, Gary; Watson, Declan

    It now may be time to migrate to next-generation cloud human resources applications from on-premises systems as a result of growing digitization in the enterprise, according to Deloitte Consulting Principals Gary Cole and Declan Watson. "With the introduction of cloud-based systems, new functionality can be implemented iteratively at a pace the HR function can manage and deploy based on business needs," they said. "It can still take years to roll out and integrate an entire new system, but there's more flexibility to pick and choose along the way." Cole and Watson cited a Deloitte survey, which found almost 33 percent of HR app vendors named integrating analytics and reporting the top priority for the digital HR agenda, followed by cloud migration and developing integrated mobile apps. Cole and Watson also noted CIOs can help dispel various myths assumed by HR leaders about cloud systems, one being that a move to a software-as-a-service platform will limit app customizability. Also false is the idea that cloud reporting and analytics capabilities function "out of the box" and generate immediate value, when cloud deployments, although faster than on-premises solutions, are not always as rapid as advertised. "True configuration migration tools are yet another myth, as is the belief that HR no longer requires IT support once it moves to the cloud," Cole and Watson said.
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    Moving to the Cloud Gives HR More Power
    The Economic Times (04/25/17) Bhattacharyya, Rica

    In an interview, Oracle Group Vice President for Human Capital Management Strategy Gretchen Alarcon discussed how a migration to the cloud can further empower human resources. "One of the biggest transitions that has happened in the last 10 years is the rise of mobile and ... [changing] HR from record-keeping and process management to information," Alarcon said. "One of the biggest shifts we see happening right now is that as companies think about the digital experience, there is a question about whether this is only mobile or could it be done on any device." Alarcon raised several reasons for a corporate HR shift to the cloud, including the wider access to technology it affords. "Moving to the cloud gives HR the power to say I update when I choose because that's part of the cloud," she said. "It gives HR access to newer technology and not wait for permission from IT." Alarcon also noted Oracle has a substantial edge over other vendors when it comes to data security, citing "our emphasis on having our own data centers, maintaining the process all the way through significantly helps with that." Alarcon said HR should prioritize and choose technologies that yield value via immediate deployment, and that are in closest alignment with the organization's business drivers.
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