Oracle CRM On Demand Webinar - Nov. 19th, 1PM EST

Jennifer Ardery

Oracle CRM On Demand Webinar - Nov. 19th, 1PM EST
Earlier this year, we migrated from to Oracle CRM On Demand and are hosting a complimentary webinar on our implementation Thursday, Nov. 19th at 1PM EST.

Oracle CRM On Demand is a comprehensive solution for sales, marketing, and service initiatives that can be implemented quickly and comes with pre-built analytics and integration to the Oracle E-Business Suite. By leveraging the Software-as-a-Service platform, we were able to transition from and get up and running on CRM On Demand in 4 weeks.

In this session, we will demonstrate CRM On Demand and discuss aspects of our implementation including:

- Project Scope
- Data Conversion
- Outlook Integration
- Reporting and Account Intelligence
- User Adoption and Training
- Lessons Learned



Ed Ahearn, CRM Practice Manager
Jenn Ardery, Marketing Programs Manager

Jenny Baker

Re:Oracle CRM On Demand Webinar - Nov. 19th, 1PM EST
(in response to Jennifer Ardery)
Thanks for the information regarding the CRM software.. I was in search as I have seen so many benefits of it in the organization.. I was wondering to now about the price of the software so that I can look forward to it..
For more information you can go at a link : [url=]CRM Software[/url] and [url=]Cloud CRM Software[/url] .