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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

11:00am PT/Noon MT/1:00 CT/2:00pm ET
Life Is Short. Automate Your OrgCharts Now!



Jacob Pena, OfficeWork Software


Repeated requests from stakeholders wanting an up-to-date and accurate OrgChart can be overwhelming. Not to mention when Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Leadership each want different data and views. Contractors, temps, and interns are left off because it’s too cumbersome to add them.  OrgChart Now creates charts with information you want including all employee types, metrics like Headcount, Span of Control, Diversity, and open positions.  Do it all with OrgChart Now.

In this webinar you will learn...

  1. How Oracle and OrgChart Now can automate your Org Charts 
  2. Why Up to date OrgCharts are essential to your organization 
  3. How OrgCharts can be tailored to your requirements 
  4. How Stakeholders can benefit from Charts containing metrics & KPIs 
  5. How Collaboratively Planning can fill your workforce planning gaps 

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