Attend Ascend 2022 for Pennies on the Dollar! (Yes, It's the OHUG Global Conference!)

By Janice D'Aloia posted 01-19-2022 17:21

If you've been wondering how to stretch your education budget dollars, here's how:  SUBMIT A PRESENTATION ABSTRACT!  If your session is selected, you get a HUGE discount on registration. For customer presenters, registration is only $195, and if you're a partner, it's still a great deal at $495.

So here's the catch -- the call for presentations closes on January 28.  All you need is an idea for sharing your expertise, experiences, successes, and even failures (because we all learn from our mistakes, right?)  We just need a title, brief abstract describing what you're going to talk about, and a few learning objectives.  The slide deck isn't due until May, so get cracking.  Go HERE to submit your presentation proposal.

If you want more information on the selection process and how to increase your chances of getting selected, HERE'S a webinar we created for you.

And when you think about it, isn't it a great feeling to share with others?  And to do it -- what? -- IN PERSON!! Of course if you aren't ready to travel yet, we have some options, so go ahead and submit your proposal.  What are you waiting for?