Making a Difference in the World

By Janice D'Aloia posted 01-27-2022 16:41

Lately I'm more concerned than ever about making a difference, helping people; being thoughtful and kind.  Living in our world today is tougher than ever!  Work is more challenging and complicated.  We're not all in an office anymore with our coworkers and there seem to be fewer of them and the list of tasks keeps getting longer.  Even just doing regular things like grocery shopping or going out to eat or to the movies requires more effort.

Each day, I find myself looking for connection with others in meaningful ways.  I think about what I can do to make life or work just a little bit better for someone.  It's the small things that matter. The small things keep me going - a bit of advice from a friend, a great idea brought up in a zoom meeting, or a compliment on a task well done.  You might think something small doesn't make much difference, but it does!

Every year I hear from OHUG's conference presenters about how much they enjoy sharing their knowledge and guidance.  Have you ever attended an OHUG webinar, community meetup, or conference session and left with ideas and knowledge on how to solve some of your issues? And wasn't it great to have a chance to ask questions and engage in discussions on how to implement or support your systems and processes more effectively? These are the small things that matter.  

Here's your opportunity to make a difference in the world:  share your know how, successes, even your failures with your peers. You have until the end of this weekend (January 28 is the formal close date, but we're leaving the link up through the weekend) to submit a brief abstract to present at Ascend 2022.  If you haven't presented before or you're a little hesitant, call a coworker or your system integrator and put something together with them.  There's comfort in partnering.

Go ahead, do a small thing. Make a difference!
Submit your presentation today!
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