Ever Wish You Could Download Your Enterprise Data from Oracle Fusion SaaS?

When:  Apr 26, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (PT)
After going live on Oracle Fusion Applications, business leaders quickly discover that all their enterprise data is behind an invisible yet formidable barrier.
Some organizations start building HCM extracts, while some lean on OTBI and BI Publisher for their data needs.

These mechanisms cannot seamlessly integrate with other enterprise needs, such as legacy software, on-premises applications, and third-party service providers (including 401k and check prints). As businesses evolve, updates to these file-based solutions almost always mean making corresponding changes to HCM extract definitions, OTBI, or BI Publisher reports as applicable.
This starts yet another round of the build-verify-deploy cycle.
What if we told you there is a more straightforward and reliable way to conduct business? We can now download a copy of your Oracle Fusion enterprise data directly into an actual database using modern technologies. No tinkering with CSVs, no v-lookups in Excel.
Join our webinar on Tuesday, 04-26-2022 to learn:
 • How to download and replicate Cloud SaaS data into a database.
 • Resolve business problems through the replicated environment.
 • Streamline several manual procedures around data extraction.
 • and more …

Sumit Dahiya,
Technical Director



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