WEBINAR: Embracing HR Analytics: Shaping the Future of Human Resources

When:  Mar 7, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 (PT)

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where leading HR experts delve into the significant trends and metrics of 2023, offering crucial insights for HR Professionals. This session aims to provide a thorough analysis and engaging dialogue on how the past year has influenced the Human Resources landscape and its implications for the future.

Key topics include:

  • 2023 Retrospective: Key Metrics and Milestones in HR
  • Trend Analysis: Insights from 2023 on the Future of HR
  • Strategies in Focus: Best Practices for HRBPs, CHROs, and HR Managers
  • Leveraging Data: Using Analytics for Informed Decision-Making
  • 2024 Outlook: Upcoming Trends and Preparations for HR Leaders
  • Interactive Session: Expert Advice and Peer Discussions

This session is crafted to arm HR professionals with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the changing HR terrain, using lessons from the past to gear up for future challenges and opportunities. Embrace the power of HR analytics and reporting for a strategic foresight to enhance your strategy and propel your organization's future.

Join us this March to advance your HR strategy for 2024. Dive into how HR analytics can refine your decision-making and ignite transformative growth in your organization, preparing you for a future of success.


Brianne Minnich, HCM Solutions Director at SplashBI is an HR Professional with 8 years of experience supporting multiple entities across the globe. During her career growth she became passionate about the data behind the operation learning about gaps around Talent Intelligence. Most recently, Brianne joined SplashBI as their HCM Solutions Director meshing her passion for data and HR experience. Brianne will specialize in; Educating other HR professionals as well as the internal team at SplashBI, Growing the excitement around HR Analytics and Enhancing companies’ knowledge about their internal and external people analytics.

Bhawan Mathur, Vice President of Sales at SplashBI, excels in transforming business goals into actionable strategies. With expertise in sales leadership and BI, he advises C-suite leaders, driving growth and innovation. Bhawan's passion for change leadership and his strategic approach make him a trusted partner in the BI landscape.


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