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Modulus Data February 2017

HCM Is Hard Work – You Need a Vacation

Bring the family to Orlando this June! When you register for the OHUG 2017 Global Conference this month, you are automatically entered to win an upgrade from a standard hotel room to a suite at the Rosen Centre and a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card. What could be better than that? How about four days of sharing ideas and best practices with peers, outstanding user-led education, insights from Oracle HCM experts and an inspiring keynote from Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in the NFL?

Make the case for your attendance by downloading the justification letter and customizing it to meet your specific professional needs. We look forward to seeing you June 6-9 in Orlando!

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News from OHUG

Industry News

    GreyHeller February 2017

    News from OHUG

    Chart Your Voyage to Oracle HCM Cloud

    Date: Feb. 23
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Frank Malangone, Sundu Rathinam, and Krishnan Ganesan, Chain-Sys

    During this webinar, the speakers will introduce the Chain-Sys Data management suite of tools, appPLATFORM, designed to accelerate your voyage to the cloud.

    Specifically, they will discuss and present:

    • How to use a no-programming approach for data cleansing
    • The ability to migrate both data and configurations from eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, Salesforce and SAP to Oracle Cloud HCM
    • How to leverage the configurations done for migration for post go-live integration
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    Are You Ready to Nominate Your Gems for an Oracle HCM Cloud Crown?

    The Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies awards recognize and celebrate innovative customers who use Oracle HCM Cloud solutions to drive business success. The program is peer-driven and provides the opportunity for Oracle HCM Cloud customers to nominate themselves, colleagues or fellow customers to receive an Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award. Nominations close Feb. 17. Here's what you need to do:

    • Navigate to the HCM Cloud Rubies Awards page.
    • Read through the list of award categories.
    • Review your past business performance.
    • Discuss among your team which award to apply for.
    • Once selected, hit the nominate button to get started.
    • Craft your story.
    • Bonus! Film a short clip introducing your team by following the guidelines.
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    OHUG Is Once Again a Partner of the Annual INNOVATE Joint Oracle User Group Meeting

    Mark your calendar and join OHUG at INNOVATE17, the fourth annual Northeast joint Oracle user group meeting, on May 11 at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey.

    Take advantage of HCM hot topic educational breakout sessions, networking with peers, interaction with exhibitors and a demonstration of the Oracle Cloud HCM solution.

    Oracle customers, employees and business partners are invited to share their HCM expertise and experiences in a 50-minute educational breakout session, either in a formal presentation or a facilitated, open forum format.

    The call for presentations is now open! One or more presentation abstracts can be submitted through March 10 via the online INNOVATE17 Abstract Submission Form.

    Customers can showcase success stories, best practices, lessons learned, tips and techniques, etc. In appreciation for this knowledge-sharing, one complimentary registration will be awarded per accepted presentation.

    Vendors can deliver hot topic educational presentations, which will be subject to planning committee selection and a sliding-scale sponsorship fee.

    Registration will open in late February. Visit the INNOVATE17 event site for early-bird registration, hotel reservation and other developing details.

    Inquiries and requests for additional information may be also directed to Event Coordinator Joanne Brennan by emailing JoanneBrennanTBF@aol.com or calling 617.510.2578.
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    Brave New World: Wild, Wild West of Human Resources Analytics and Big Data

    Date: March 23
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Toni Bennett, Specialist Master, HR Transformation, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    A seemingly endless supply of data is generated each second. Many people feel like foreigners in a brave new world. Full of promise, they venture into the rough seas of data, numbers and more information than they could ever possibly seek. Sales, finance and operations analysis has been expanding over the past several decades; human resources (HR) analytics was behind until now. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud has provided HR professionals a clean, user-friendly approach to analytics. This session discusses how Deloitte assists its HR partners to move forward into the new world of big data and analytics, while remembering it is important to understand that there are people behind the numbers and for HR teams, people are always first.

    Register now.
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    Leading Through Disruption How HR Can Empower the Organization with HCM Cloud

    Date: April 20
    Time: noon CT
    Presenters: Lisa Laine, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation; and Mike Levin, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Human Resource Transformation

    Disruptive forces are simultaneously impacting your business and your workforce. HR is the only functional with the purview and the ability to turn those disruptions into opportunity. While some HR organizations are leading broad-scale transformation to drive business impact, others are facilitating technology-driven change to create business impact. Regardless of the path, Oracle HCM Cloud is a technology enabler of change. This session will discuss the trends impacting HR and how HR organizations have taken advantage of those trends and leveraged Oracle HCM to drive business impact.

    Register now.
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    The Customer Is Always Right When It Comes To Application UX

    By Jeremy Ashley, Oracle
    Originally published at Forbes.com

    How many of you think that the customer is always right?

    I posed that question recently to an audience of mostly technologists, during a debate on this very subject with Symphony founder David Gurle at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. A few hands went into the air. But not every hand.

    The audience comprised creative thinkers, designers and developers. A lot of what they do is wrapped up in introducing new ideas, not necessarily in gathering customer feedback. Many believe that their job is to identify for the customer what the customer wants, and then produce it. The assumption is that the designer or developer knows best, and that customers eventually will agree, even if they don’t initially.

    But when it comes to application user experience, the customer really is always right.

    Our Oracle Applications User Experience team puts the actual user at the center of all of our work, starting with our initial research and software designs through testing and retesting. At each stage we make sure that the right users — the people who will be spending the most time with the application experiences we are creating — are the ones providing the feedback.

    Read the whole article.
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    Industry News

    Rethinking the Relationship Between HR and Finance
    Human Capital Magazine (02/03/17)

    There has been a historical lack of collaboration between corporate human resources departments and the office of the chief financial officer (CFO), but this is changing in disruptive organizations. Enterprises increasingly are confronted with the need to rethink the relationship between HR and finance for a less siloed and more strategic and commercial partnership, according to a business forum hosted by Oracle in Australia. "As companies seek to grow, the two most likely obstacles they will face are a scarcity of funding and a shortage of human capital," said Ovum Chief Research Officer Tim Jennings. "To overcome these finance and talent bottlenecks, CEOs are increasingly coming to rely more heavily on both the CFO and the [chief HR officer (CHRO)]." Jennings noted more and more organizations are bridging the finance-HR gap with digital platforms. "This allows both HR and financial decisions to be made based on the most accurate data available within the organization," he said. Oracle Australia Human Capital Management Sales Director James Finlay said a CFO-CHRO partnership has more potential for immediate impact on business performance than any other through its ability to "create cross-pillar efficiencies, plan a workforce of the future through workforce modeling and strategic workforce planning, and increase efficiencies and productivity through changes to operating models."
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    2017 Belongs to HR Data Experts
    The Economic Times (India) (01/24/17) Dalal, Yazad

    Data will drive profound shifts in human resources departments worldwide starting this year, according to Yazad Dalal, head of Human Capital Management Cloud Applications for Oracle Asia Pacific. He predicted HR increasingly will use staff profiles based on high-performing employees to inform their recruitment strategies, while staff management also will adopt a data-driven approach. "Rather than promoting people on personal intuition or pressure from managers, decisions will be based on data gathered about their actual performance," Dalal said. He also foresees predictive analytics becoming critical to performance management, such as by providing "forward-looking insights that illustrate how an issue or employee may evolve." Meanwhile, modern, intuitive application user interfaces and consumer-friendly applications will become more important than ever to chief human resource officers. Dalal expects the leveraging of such tools to generate quality user experiences. "Digital solutions are your gateway to collecting and analyzing quality data," he said. "So, through the information gleaned from your digital HCM software, businesses will be able to determine how to best align talent strategies to business objectives and remain a top competitor in the workplace."
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    5 Workforce Management Trends to Watch for in 2017
    CIO (01/16/17) Florentine, Sharon

    Five human capital management/workforce trends are expected to come into force in 2017, according to a new study from Kronos' Workforce Institute. Kronos' Joyce Maroney said smart organizations will invest in front-line management to engage and retain valuable employees, and she stressed the value of middle managers to ensuring transparent, authentic communication between leadership and the greater workforce. "Good managers are key to helping identify goals and strategies, translating them into manageable chunks of action and tying those back to the larger business goals for the workers on the ground," Maroney said. The study also said organizations will seek ways to improve the employee experience, and Maroney noted "part of creating this engaging employee experience is making sure resources are added, dollars spent and management is on board." A third trend is more incorporation of agile response to changing workforce conditions, while a fourth trend Kronos anticipates is greater use of people data. "In HR, you're looking at things like time and attendance as well as wellness data and productivity data, and you need to be thinking about how to take that information and deliver the outcomes you want," Maroney said. Finally, HR will assume more strategic roles due to a growing base of data-driven practices, with Kronos predicting more emphasis on technology to meet workforce challenges.
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    3 Insights into the Future of HR
    Business Insider (01/24/17)

    The time is ripe for human resources leaders to spur employee-centric projects to benefit both the workforce and the bottom line, as outlined in a new Oracle report. Oracle Human Capital Management Strategy Director Joachim Skura highlighted three insights into HR's future, starting with using digital tools such as cloud technology to democratize knowledge and enable employees to proactively drive their careers. "The intranet can now be tailored to your own specific needs," Skura noted. "This is being done in many ways through Oracle HCM solutions. Just imagine relevant video tutorials being sent you, chatbots for your own personal requirements, tailored recommendations for what courses to take — the personalization through data is revolutionizing personal development." A second development is the use of virtual reality (VR) as a tool to help employees expand their skills. Skura predicted individual video and VR platforms morphing into artificial intelligence systems such as advanced educational robots and holograms. The third insight is the use of more informed employee-related decision-making by HR via analytics. "There is a strong business case for greater experimentation in the way we manage talent, and it's up to the HR department to help employers invest in the right tools and strategies to bring about positive change," Skura said.
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    HR to Face Sea Change in Online Learning Software and Accent on Teams
    SearchFinancialApplications (01/17/17) Ring, Dan

    A new study from Bersin by Deloitte predicted a shake-up in human resources in 2017 stemming from a new "YouTube style of learning" for workers as part of a "revolution" in learning and development. The report cited the market arrival of Oracle Learning Cloud and other video-optimized platforms as enablers. Bersin by Deloitte Principal Josh Bersin said the learning and development industry is under enormous strain due to its reliance on an outdated model of corporate e-learning. "Most big companies are burdened with very complex learning management systems that house all of the company's compliance training, critical tracking of completions and arcane business rules built up over decades," Bersin noted. The study said top vendors are supplying online learning software that supports and handles video and enables employees to create and share videos for training or educating colleagues. Bersin also said people analytics will assume an important operational business role, becoming core to nearly everything in management, leadership and HR, with all programs, incentives, structural changes or organizational challenges informed by data. The report recommended smaller, flatter and more empowered teams complemented by more hands-on leadership. "HR departments and managers have to redesign their entire work practices around networks and teams," Bersin said.
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    Looking Ahead: 5 Themes that Will Influence HR Technology in 2017
    Human Resource Executive (01/11/17) Boese, Steve

    The main themes of the next Human Resources Executive HR Technology Conference are evolving with the shifting challenges and strategic priorities of HR leaders, according to conference co-chair Steve Boese. He said he sees the popularity of artificial intelligence tools as a sign of "the increasing comfort level and capability individuals are developing with intelligent and responsive technologies, in addition to their increasing reliance on them." Boese predicted the impending proliferation of such technologies in HR as well. Another trend he cited is the progress of organizations leveraging HR technologies to more directly impact the employee experience, in areas such as career development, employee well-being, corporate social responsibility and personalized employee learning. Boese also noted, "HR-tech platforms, application interoperability and the 'marketplace' or app store concept is now being more fully realized and adopted by providers and customers." In terms of workforce management, Boese emphasized "increasing adoption by HR and business leaders of flexible, fluid, on-demand and creative approaches to supplying the labor/skills the organization needs." He also expects 2017 to see the emergence of more powerful and usable solutions leveraging HR and people data for decision support. Boese noted this will lead to "more sources of information and insight for HR and business leaders that can be applied in a wider set of business contexts."
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