Presenter Agreement

Presentation at the OHUG 2020 Global Conference

By checking the Speaker Agreement box on my submission form, I agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this document as follows:

 I will be available to speak at the date and time listed on my submission form. 

  1. I will upload an electronic copy of the PowerPoint presentation for my session no later than April 15, 2020 using the provided OHUG 2020 PowerPoint template.
  2. I will present my session as accepted by OHUG.
  3. I will provide a laptop loaded with the PowerPoint presentation.
  4. I will not post the PowerPoint presentation in the OHUG format to any website without being requested by OHUG to do so or without prior permission from OHUG.
  5. I will be responsible for any copies of my presentation needed for distribution during my session.
  6. I grant permission to OHUG to post my session description, biography, and PowerPoint presentation to the OHUG website and use this information in all of their marketing materials. I grant permission to OHUG to record my session and post it to the OHUG website.
  7. I will notify OHUG by email of any changes to my company, title, or contact information. I will immediately notify OHUG by email if I am no longer able to present at the 2020 conference. It is not my responsibility to secure an alternative presentation/presenter.  The program committee specifically selected this presentation based on its content and the presenter bio information.  If I am no longer able to present at this year’s conference, the program committee will select an alternate presentation/presenter.
  8. I will adhere to the OHUG Speaker Code of Conduct (please see below).

OHUG reserves the right to make changes to the conference agenda at any time.


OHUG Code of Conduct

All presenters must understand and comply with the OHUG Code of Conduct.  Specifically, it requires members not to solicit business nor permit other members or guests to solicit business at group functions.  The vendor exhibit hall and /or special product demonstrations are the only exceptions.  To help you comply with the Code of Conduct, OHUG has developed the following guidelines:

  1. You must use the provided OHUG 2020 PowerPoint presentation template.  Company logos may appear only on the title slide and final slide of the presentation; the logo may not appear on any other slide.
  2. You should attempt to limit the use of a specific product or service provider name where possible.
  3. If you are going to use or cite a specific product or service provider during your presentation, be upfront about its use.  Make some statement along the lines of “while there are other products/services which handle (name of task), I will be using (name of product) during this presentation for reference and demonstration purposes only.” Special product demonstrations are an exception.
  4. If the presentation requires the use of a product, be sure that the information included is transferable over product lines, where applicable.
  5. If you are a vendor or consultant and are conducting the presentation, where possible, involve a customer in the presentation.  If this is not practical, cite references to one or many customers during the presentation.

 Failure to adhere to the OHUG Code of Conduct could aversely impact the speaker’s ability to present at future OHUG conferences.