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Including wellness into business travel can be like mixing oil and water. There are so many stress-inducing factors such as airport security, delayed flights and cramped cabin seating which are not so conducive to relaxation and inner peace. By the time you reach Fort Worth, you might be distressed and anxious about the busy schedule of events ahead.

OHUG wants you to relax and enjoy the conference and to learn some simple takeaways to help you lead a healthier, more mindful life. OHUG's own Stacy Smith will be on hand throughout the conference to guide you. Take advantage of her being onsite during the conference and schedule a 30 minute consultation that fits into your schedule. During that time you can visit about the major areas of concern in your own life and health and begin developing an action plan for addressing them.

On Monday Stacy will be presenting Keep Calm and Keep Your Health at 3:30 pm in Fort Worth 8. During this session, you will work with her to figure out tips and techniques to curb and manage your stress better and methods you can use to get better, more restorative sleep. You will also have a chance to participate in short, but demonstrative breathing and meditation exercises in hopes that it will spark you to incorporate these into your daily routines.

In addition to the session on Monday, Stacy will be available at her booth in the Product Solutions Center, booth 307, with resources and additional information on the following:


  • Eating for less inflammation while traveling
  • Top 10 changes you can make in your life for better health
  • Additional breathing and meditation resources
  • Sitting, the new smoking – how to get and keep moving
  • Sugar busters for better health


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow and help yourself take back responsibility for your own health. Attend Stacy’s session and stop by her booth to schedule some one on one time. Those attendees that schedule consultations at the conference are eligible for half off their first month of Health Coaching!

Learn more about Stacy here:  http://eathealandlive.com/health-coaching