OHUG Global Conference is Now ASCEND!

By Janice D'Aloia posted 03-16-2022 17:01

When I look back on the last 10+ years of my career, the OHUG Global Conference is always a highlight.  The pandemic sure stymied in person educational and networking experiences, especially conferences.  As work slowly returns to something more familiar, so are conferences.  The OHUG Global Conference is still in business - and its bigger and better than ever as we have joined with OATUG to form ASCENDAscend 2022 contains the HCM content you've always enjoyed along with the rest of the ERP Suite, Technology, and Analytics you saw at Collaborate

So - if you can't find the OHUG Global Conference, now you know - its inside of Ascend - just as great as ever.   See you in June!
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